February's New Moon (You can do the ceremony on the 19th or 20th of February)

February’s New Moon

We spend so much time in our minds judging, analyzing, and criticizing ourselves and others.

We are more into creating separation out of our Ego, trying to change the other from a perfectionist ans self-demanding space without a glimpse of compassion and understanding.

We love “winning” by convincing others that we are right and they are wrong by constantly judging and criticizing them! But we do not understand that sometimes what we judge is what we might hide inside us and we do not want to see it; therefore, we get triggered when we see it in others.


This New Moon comes with the recommendation to try something new…

It suggests instead of criticizing and judging, try to feel the space where the other is and maybe understand his/her point of view without necessarily adopting that view, but at least understand it and accept that it is coming from a person who has a different way of perceiving things in life.


This will make you feel more compassionate with others and yourself and closer to unconditional love.


Light a candle and write on a piece of paper all your judging thoughts about a person you dislike in the current moment of your life.
Write it in the form of a letter in the second person.

For example:
Dear Peter,
You are selfish, constantly thinking about yourself. We have been friends for almost a year and you know very little about me. You are self-oriented and arrogant….


After you finish writing, read the letter out loud but change the second person to first and redirect it to yourself.

For example:
Dear Agapi,
I am selfish, constantly thinking about myself. We have been friends for almost a year and I know very little about you. I am self-oriented and arrogant….


Some things might not resonate at all and some might help you realize characteristics you hide inside you and are so afraid to see and accept!


You can keep the letter, burn it or throw it in the garbage!

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