Feminine Power

Learn to harness the Unique Power within you at each Cycle Phase.

In this workshop we explore the profound depths of a woman’s true nature when she reconnects with her inner Goddess.

Through a blend of tantric techniques, cocoa ceremonies, coffee ceremonies, color therapy, therapeutic dance, and family constellation, you’ll embark on a path of self-discovery and empowerment.

Who Is This For?

This transformative journey is for all women who:

  • Seek to understand how their menstrual cycle affects their emotions and want to harness this knowledge to enhance their quality of life.
  • Desire to liberate their sensuality, sexuality, freedom, and passion.
  • Aspire to fulfill their life’s mission.
  • Yearn to meet the different archetypes of her Cycle.
Agapi's "Feminine Power" connects you straight to the core with archetypal universal wisdom that has been lost and disconnected. My soul is eternally grateful to have been given back this connection that really is our goddamn birthright. I feel organically empowered and supported day by day. I cannot stress enough the important work she has birthed to redefine especially the modern woman, as a channeler and as a tantric initiator, two of my personally adored avenues to explore. A true priestess, there are no limits to the mind-blowing this woman can cause you. Prepare for a wild ride!
Katerina Gadi

Unlock Your Multifaceted Self

A woman is not confined to a single personality but possesses at least four distinct facets, each emerging during different phases of her menstrual cycle. The shifts in hormonal balance throughout your cycle offer untapped sources of power. By aligning with these natural rhythms, you can experience heightened clarity, emotional balance, and a profound connection to your sensuality and femininity.
The consequences of neglecting these biological phases can manifest as menstrual pain, PMS, indecisiveness, depression, limited sexual expression, stress, anxiety, and more, depending on your unique life circumstances.

Embrace the Magical World Within

When you harmonize with the phases of your cycle, you enter a magical realm where your inner world evolves every approximately seven days, painting your life with vibrant colors. This is the world of women, a space distinct from the one you’ve known. To access your innate gifts and talents, you must shed the limiting beliefs and societal programming rooted in your upbringing, family history, and cultural norms. It’s time to rediscover the authentic woman within, unburdened by society’s constraints.

Expectations & Empowerment

During this journey, you will:

  • Learn to harness the power of each menstrual cycle phase.
  • Develop disciplined goal-setting techniques, replacing self-demanding attitudes.
  • Uncover new dimensions of your sensuality and sexuality.
  • Strengthen your self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Reveal the hidden power within menstrual blood.
  • If you’re in menopause, discover the Wise Woman’s strength within you.

What will we do?:

  • Share in ritual cocoa to connect with the Spirit, open our hearts, and awaken our sexuality.
  • Dance to connect with the earth, allowing the rhythm to rekindle our primal nature.
  • Delve into tantra to unearth the inner power.
  • Experience moments of love, consciousness, and beauty.
  • Follow the path the Spirit reveals to us.

A woman who lives in harmony with her cycle embarks on a journey of deep transformation. She fulfills her mission, celebrates her femininity, sets healthy boundaries, embraces the power of her menstrual blood, becomes her own therapist, and basks in the abundance that comes from connecting with Mother Earth. This journey will infuse your life with meaning, sensations, happiness, and love. It’s time to embrace your inner Feminine Power!

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