Find The Gods Within

A journey for the man who has chosen to reconnect to the forces of the universe and become a peaceful warrior of Mother Earth!

We know a lot about the phases of women, but what about men?

Men also have their phases and are not as linear as we think!

Join me in these four seminars (also online) where we will get to know the phases of men’s cycle that can only appear when he reconnects to the Sun and the Earth!

What you will get:
• Clarity and better connection with the Spirit
• Get to know your mission and how to accomplish it with discipline and not self-demanding
• Open the gates of creativity and reconnect to your inner woman (emotions, relaxation, intuition)
• Find the courage to see the truth of your shadow.
• Manifest from the space of your inner God and not from your Ego

We will use tantra meditations, exercises to heal the inner child, family constellations and practices that could help us work on our “presence” and the healthy expression of our feminine and masculine polarities!

Let’s take it from the beginning:
Women have their cycle, which lasts around 28 days; it follows their hormones and the cycle of the moon.
Guess what? Men also have a cycle! Men’s cycle lasts a year and follows the rotation of the Sun!

The masculine physical body connects to the Sun of our galaxy through the pineal gland.
According to the seasons of the year, the pineal gland creates different energetic fields which can help a man live life in coordination with the different phases of the Sun and the whole universe.
Reconnecting the pineal gland with the heart of the Sun gives the man his true power. He thinks, feels and acts from the space of the Spirit and uses his Ego as a vehicle for this incarnation.
He focuses on his mission in life and uses all his gifts and talents to accomplish it!


Why are men disconnected from the energy of the Sun:
In the same way that the Patriarchal society obliged women to separate themselves from the Earth, it also disconnected men from their true power, which derives from their connection with the universe.

Thousands of years ago, before the Patriarchy and Matriarchy, men lived in resonance with the whole universe.
They could follow the different seasons, which made different archetypes rise in their being.

Depending on the season, they used their energy in a totally different form.

After the Autumn equinox, they were slowly entering inside, becoming introverted and checking on what was happening in their inner world.

Then, the winter solstice initiated them in a period of deep death and rebirth, which ended with the spring equinox, a period of extroversion and manifestation!

The last phase appeared in the summer solstice, a phase of pure celebration of life and gathering the “fruits” of all year!

I love using different archetypes of Gods to represent each of the above phases:
The Autumn phase is represented by God Hermes
The Winter phase by God Hades
The Spring phase by God Apollo and
The summer phase by God Pan

Who is this for:
• All men who would like to step out of the matrix and create their own reality
• All men who are not afraid of their power and feel ready to embrace it.
• All men who feel deep inside them that they have come here for a mission and now it is the time to accomplish it
• All men who would like to learn how to become a healthy leader and follower
• All men who wish to know more about the monsters and gifts hidden in their shadow!
• All men whose intuition is asking them to join!

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