From the knight to the King

From the archetype of the knight to the King!


What is the archetype of the knight in a man’s psyche?

The knight is the part of the man that connects him to his inner warrior!

The part that is asking him never to leave his presence and act only when it is necessary.
It is also his inner “gentleman” who knows how to behave politely, not because he was taught so but because he is gentle and polite in his heart!

The knight is not entering into fights to show off or release his suppressed anger! He avoids fights and conflicts by being present and resolving problems with his gift of healthy and straight communication. Only when he is not able to resolve the problems with the above skills he uses his sword to fight.


A step further than the archetype of the knight is the archetype of the King!


What is the archetype of the king and which is its healthy expression?


The King is the man who has embodied absolute presence and love. A healthy king is not afraid to make decisions because he is not afraid to take responsibility for his mistakes. He knows that he is not perfect and he loves himself enough in order to be disciplined in his actions but not self-demanding and perfectionist!


He loves creating by having a strategy, and he is able to lead other people from the space of his heart and not the unhealthy space of authority that a dictator would do.

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