Having a child consciously

Having a child consciously

All couples decide to have children for different reasons. Unfortunately, not all of these reasons are healthy and aligned with the Will of the Spirit.
Some of the unhealthy reasons can be:

  • I want to have a child so that I can save my marriage. A child can bring temporary happiness in the couple’s life but does not really solve the problems of the relationship.
  • I want to have a child because I believe that a woman can be a “real” woman only if she becomes a mother. This is one of the main misunderstandings of Patriarchal society. A woman can always become the mother of her projects.
  • I want to have a child because my parents would like to see a grandchild. This usually happens to partners that they haven’t cut the cord with their parents. Therefore they still live their lives according to their parents’ desires and conditions.
  • I want to have a child so that I can subconsciously sabotage my mission in life. We all come with a specific mission. Following our mission is most of the time what scares us most! (of course, this does not happen if the mission of the person is to become a parent!)
  • My biological clock is ticking. The biological clock is more connected to programs and believes than true nature. During the life of a woman, she might feel that her biology is asking her to have a child but this is not always what her body really wants. Every time there is an increase of feminine energy inside a woman’s psyche she feels more receptive, more fertile, abundant, and with lots of sexual energy flowing in her body. Some women misunderstand those feelings with the idea of having a child.
  • I need to have a baby in order to be happy. Many people (especially women) try to fill up their internal gap of love and happiness with a child, without understanding what a huge weight this can be for the child!


Talking from a space of Spirit, planning to have a baby will make sense only if there is a common project for the creation of this baby in both parents’ map of life.
Sometimes, for example, there is no soul that desires to be incarnated out of a combination of two specific people. In this case, as nature cannot give them the child they want, the couple seeks artificial ways to achieve this pregnancy. This is something that happens often, however, there are exceptions.
Therefore, it is important for both individuals to consciously make the decision to become parents. To do this, I recommend you think of the following:
Why do I want to have a child? Why do we want to have a child? Is our relationship healthy? Are we mature enough to become parents?
When you answer these questions, try to be honest with yourself and your partner!

Some steps that could help you take this decision in the most conscious way and if you finally do become a good parent are:

  • Heal your inner child so that you will not repeat, with your child, the same mistakes that your parents made with you
  • Cut the energetic cord with your parents and step in your womanhood or manhood
  • Work the issues of the relationship (do not bring a baby in this world as a savior of the relationship! If it doesn’t work just break up)
  • Organize and make a brief schedule about the place you will live, the finances you will need, the way you want to give birth, and more.
  • Discuss with your partner about the way you want to raise the child! Do you have the same ways of thinking? same believes?

Bringing a child into this world can be a beautiful experience! Bringing consciously a child in this world can contribute to a better quality of humanity and be a beautiful gift to mother earth!

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