Healthy Relationships

Healthy relationships

Relationships are a beautiful part of our lives only when they are formed healthily!
When two people form a relationship, they first need to create a relationship with themselves.
The relationship with the self is going to determine the success of the relationship with the partner.

What a relationship with myself consists of?

Spending time with myself: Doing different activities alone can strengthen our relationship with our inner man or woman, something essential to help us feel “whole”! Some activities can be, going to the movies alone, taking myself out for a romantic dinner, making love with myself, and more.

Friendships: Spending time with friends (especially of the same gender) can increase the couple’s polarity! If, for example, you are a woman and spend time with your female friends, you raise your feminine polarity, which helps the chemistry of your relationship and the opposite for a man. Another positive contribution of friendships to our relationships is that we can talk about things that are not so good to share with our partners.

Focusing on my mission in life: When we are in our mission in life and dedicate time and energy to it, we feel that we contribute to better humanity! Having a passion, enjoying our work, and finding out our mission are essential elements that could indirectly favor our relationship. We can feel happy with our work, and we do not carry the weight of our unhappiness to our relationship, something that many partners often do!

Draw a clear line between our biological family and our relationship: Our family and partner are two different sectors of our lives. If we mix them up, we can create a lot of misunderstandings. It is essential to give different spaces to each of the above sectors.

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