How women can hurt men


It is common to talk about how men hurt women, but what about how women hurt men?


I have always believed that this world is mainly patriarchal, but I haven’t noticed the hidden matriarchy in it.

When talking about patriarchal and matriarchal, I mean societies based on authority, not love and compassion. The etymology of the words contains the word “archal,” which means authority.

So, in patriarchy, we have the authority of the masculine on top of the feminine and in a matriarchy, the opposite.

Unfortunately, when we have one, we also have the other.
A society with authority always has an unhealthy presence of the feminine and masculine.


One of the many ways men can hurt women is mainly through physical abuse. Physical abuse is very easy to detect because you can see it!

Women hurt men through the power of manipulation and the hidden unhealthy use of the power of Magic!


Especially in the past generations, where women were submitted to the masculine power of men, they needed to use the power of manipulation to survive and achieve their goals.

Today, even though we started living with different dynamics between men and women, some things remain the same because they are well rooted in our system.

Depending on how powerful a woman is, she can use this power in different dimensions.

When accompanied by her “witchy” power, it is a power that the woman can get everything she needs!

The “power of the witch” is a huge power that is able to manifest realities, create sicknesses, change the flow of reality and a lot more.
It is an amazing power if the woman is aware of it and uses it consciously! But if she is not, she can destroy herself and others without even realizing the power she has!


I used to have a client who was suffering from cancer, and we were trying to find the roots of the sickness. After a long journey in the depths of her subconsciousness, we realized that cancer began when her husband decided to end the marriage. In the beginning, we thought that they were issues of her inner child, like traumas of abandonment, rejection and more, but then we realized that there was a pattern in her family tree.

A way that women could call the attention of their husbands in the family tree and make them stay in the marriage was to get sick. It was impressive seeing how this pattern was repeated in more than four generations in the past.


By creating the sickness, she made her husband feel guilty for his decision to abandon the marriage, and he decided to stay with her and help her in her process. After his decision to stay in the marriage, the cancer was cured quite fast and almost without significant medical intervention.


The power of women is a power that, when used healthily, derives from the heart and is pure unconditional love!


Dear woman,
Don’t you get it? You have the power to change the whole world and you still lose your time and energy by satisfying different programs of society and family.
It is time to drop it! Drop hurting men and yourself!

A part of the misuse of your power derives from the subconscious need you have to take revenge from the masculine for everything you and your ancestors have experienced in the past. Revenge is not your power! Love and forgiveness are!

When I am talking about forgiveness, I definitely do not mean the type of religious forgiveness, which mainly derives from following mental rules. For me, forgiveness comes when we “detox” ourselves from all those emotions of hatred, anger, bitterness, and sadness, and we are able to create space inside our hearts and embrace men finally!


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