I feel how the seawater caresses my skin the same way a lover slips his fingertips on my body, taking me deep into that space of no mind.
I feel the wind whispering in my ears words of sacredness that only my heart can decode
I feel my whole body vibrate in the sweet nectar of nature’s bliss.

It is amazing how the feminine body, mind and heart relax and open whenever she is in nature.

She remembers that if she lets go of her control system and busy mind, she can tune into the sacredness of nature and become one with it.


She then can feel how the earth’s energy nurtures her body, penetrating it from her first chakra and ascending in all body, filling it with vibrant life energy!

This connection with the earth helps to shift the electromagnetic charge of her chakras and empower her emissive chakras (2nd, 4th and 6th) by boosting them up and simultaneously boosting up the receptivity in the 1st, 3rd and 5th.


The chakra’s electromagnetic charge defines the quality of our lives since it is responsible for maintaining the balance between our inner feminine and masculine, eventually leading to a life full of happiness, vitality and bliss.


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