How to seduce a man/woman

How to seduce a man if you are a woman and a woman if you are a man?


The whole game of flirting and seducing is like a couple’s dance where the chemistry and passion comes out of the opposite polarities!

In all dances done in partners, the man takes the responsibility to lead and the woman follows. This is not something coming from a “macho” point of view but is organic and natural.

Men can lead and direct better than women by using their concentration and their muscle power.
Women can let go and follow better than men, losing themselves to the pleasure of not thinking and making decisions, but only enjoying.


In the flirting dance, the couple can follow the same steps.


The man can direct the conversation and the woman can enjoy his capacity to lead!
Of course, this does not mean that the inner man of the woman will be totally absent!

He will be there, present to also direct but not overpass the masculine polarity of her partner.
And the inner woman of the man can also enjoy and let go without losing his presence and orientation…!


How to seduce a woman:


Dear man,
If you want to seduce a woman, first make her feel safe!

Don’t rush and never push her boundaries!

She loves listening to your compliments if they are authentic, and she would show you her appreciation for your presence.


One of the mistakes that you sometimes make in the beginning is to go after her impatiently, suffocating her and not giving her any space and time to miss you.
If the woman you choose has a present inner man, if she is also dedicated in her mission in life, and if she is clever and powerful, she would very fast feel disappointed by your neediness and impatience.


The secret here is not to lose your dedication to your mission, your connection to your inner woman and the feeling of love to yourself.

Begin slowly by making her feel safe and beautiful honestly and authentically; there is nothing worse than poor and fake compliments…


Then conquer her mind with your intelligence. Show her that she can count on you, on your ability to make decisions and to keep yourself focused on your goals.


Always respect her boundaries and let her body “breathe”! When her body will feel your body’s masculine polarity will open and slowly call you in…
And if you can hold space for her chaotic emotionality and won’t be frightened by her wild femininity, you might also have the possibility to conquer her heart…! seduce a man and a woman


How to seduce a seduce a man and a woman:


Dear woman,

Men love to be recognized and appreciated!
Their need to provide makes them feel valued and masculine!

If you want to seduce a man, stay in your femininity!

First, you can use your inner man to scan him and decide whether he is appropriate for you or not. If he decides that he is, you can ask him to relax and give space to your inner woman.
Show him your beauty and your capacity to shine!

Open yourself like a rose opens its petals and call him in, exactly like the flower calls the bees to drink its nectar.

Be proud of your feminine “nectar,” your capacity to open your heart and your intuitive skills.

When you see him taking the lead and directing the flirting dance, show him your gratitude for his presence and direction and enjoy the dance.

One of the reasons your inner Goddess was incarnated in you is to have fun and absorb the nectar of life through your senses.

Allow yourself to do nothing and embrace each pleasure of life.
Let him provide and accept his offerings happily.

Let him worship your sacred side and also acknowledge his.
Show your appreciation for all his talents and gifts and let him be himself; there is nothing worse than you entering in the mother archetype of trying to change him and make him the way you want him to be…!


A good man will always respect you and make you feel safe.
A man who feels good with his healthy masculinity will never try to compete with your inner man and never try to suppress and step on your femininity. On the contrary, he will hold space for all your feminine sides and honor the different expressions of the dance of polarities.

If you find a man like that, give him the chance to taste the nectar of your heart and show him your world of ecstasy, pleasure and love!

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