Ieros Gamos

Hieros gamos is a composite of two Greek words: Ιερός (hieros) and Γάμoς (gamos), meaning “sacred marriage” that is recognized as the highest form of the union of opposites (e.g., King and Queen, Sun and Moon) in the archetypal meaning. It is a term that has taken many different meanings in different branches of psychology. The way that I like using this term is as a symbolism of a Sacred Union between our inner man and our inner woman. A union that when it happens it creates the symbol of yin – yang inside and outside of us.

The Ieros Gamos, can only occur when we heal the way that our inner masculine and feminine are expressed.
All of us, women and men, we have two sides, the masculine and the feminine.
 Our masculine side is responsible for our actions, thoughts, plans, presence, order, discipline.
 Our feminine side is responsible for our intuition, connection with our emotions, connection with our body, relaxation, and the feeling of letting go and surrendering.
Unfortunately, most of the people suffer from a huge imbalance between those two.
Some of the results of this imbalance are:

  • Feeling lost in life
  • Not having clear what I want
  • Being too much emotional or too much in the mind
  • Not being able to discipline
  • Not being able to relax
  • Getting lost in indulgence
  • Not having any connection with the body 
and more


A healthy inner man is responsible for the presence and honesty we show to ourselves. He is always there to support us no matter what, to show us the best path for us and to keep us in our center.

A healthy inner man is the part of ourselves that sets up goals and achieves them with discipline and not with demand or perfectionism.He holds a sword, like a peaceful warrior, that uses to cut the obstacles that lie on his path and to reflect his internal light to the external reality. It is the part of us that whenever we fall he asks us with lots of love, to come back to our feet and continue. He is there, present, centered, focused, and calm. He holds the keys to the temple of «Presence»!


A healthy inner woman is the one who is not afraid to let the emotions flow. The part inside of us that is totally connected to our intuition and to earth. The part that is not afraid to surrender to the Spirit and give Him/Her the lead. Our inner woman is responsible for our pleasure, fun, craziness, and wildness! She holds the keys to the temple of «Unconditional Love».
When these two can merge in one they simply create God!

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