A very old ritual based on drinking coffee, absorbing its therapeutic and magical properties as well as its love!

Coffee is a plant with a deep wisdom. We hardly know valuable information about coffee because we have mainly focused only on its property to keep us “awake”.

But what if coffee is a sacred plant that could create another kind of awakening…? and it is!

A part of me comes from Ethiopia, one of the Mothers of coffee and the place where it took its name from. I have the ability to connect with the plants and channel whatever they want to share with me.

What coffee shared with me was that it is a sacred plant coming on the earth in order to teach people how to get rid of anything that does not benefit them in their path of awakening. In order this to happen we need to treat coffee in a totally different way than how we treat it.

Taking part in a specific ceremony that all senses are blessed and awakened with the love and wisdom of coffee we can only then realize the rich and sacred value of this loving plant.

I invite you to loose yourself in my ceremonies in order to find yourself again new, renovated, awakened and even though is coffee…a lot more relaxed!

We will also use a combination of tantra, ceremony, singing, playing and ecstatic dancing!