Our life is like a movie. The screen is our reality and the projector is our Self with everything that is carried in this and any other lives. It is impossible to change the screen if you do not change the projector. My sessions are suitable for the specific change of the projector; all you have to do is to be available to listen with an open mind – heart and honesty!
It is a technique of self-knowing and self-improvement process that can help you discover the real reasons that are influencing the way you create your reality and make the changes you need in order to manifest a better quality of life!

You come with questions regarding any aspect of your life (purpose of life, relationships, past lives, healing the inner child, health issues, etc) and I channel you the answers, connecting ONLY with your Divine-Higher Self, that are usually the necessary solutions and guidance you need to hear, at the specific moment, in order to change your life.

Some of the information is a specific homework that you need to do in order to heal yourself and move on in your life! The session is not a way to know the future (at least I am not focusing on that) but to know the best possible actions and steps you need to take now in order to create a better future.

A session can be an opportunity for you to get ANY information (that concerns you) you need in the present moment of your life. It all depends on what you want to know and what you are ready to listen, embrace, transform and move on!