The realms of intimacy

20th – 27th of October and 3rd of November

20:00 – 21:30 EET

The realms of Intimacy is a 3 class online workshop, where we will dive deep into the realms of intimacy, conscious pleasure, and embracing your inner polarities using Tantra and Biodynamic Breathwork.

Here's a sneak peek at our workshop schedule:

1️⃣ Unlocking Intimacy’s True Essence (20th October):

  • Delve into the heart of intimacy and learn what it truly means. Let go of preconceived notions and immerse yourself in the pure essence of intimate connections.

2️⃣ The Path to Conscious Pleasure:

  • Explore the art of opening up to conscious pleasure, a gateway to transformation, healing, growth, and meditation. Discover how it can unlock new dimensions in your life.

3️⃣ Embrace Your Inner Polarities:

  • Uncover the inner masculine and feminine aspects that exist within you and how they manifest in your everyday life. Learn why healing and harmonizing these energies are vital for your well-being.

This online workshop is open to individuals of all backgrounds and experiences. It’s time to prioritize your well-being and embark on this adventure towards a more blissful and mindful you in the comfort of your house!


Don’t worry if you cannot assist on the day of the worksop! The workshop will be recorded and sent to you. You will have access for a month! 

When: 20th, 27th of October and 3rd November


Price: 60 euros

The Teachers:

Agapi is a Self-development Teacher coming from the rich cultural tapestries of Greece and Ethiopia.

She encompasses the roles of a Clairvoyant, Shaman, Tantric Teacher, and Priestess. Her profound connection to the spiritual realm allows her to access the Akashic Records and channel information directly from the Spirit.

She is the Creator of the Love-me method, a unique approach to self-development that integrates energy healing, tantra, shamanism, and inner child healing. Founder and Owner of Alithi-Gi Self-Development school.

Whether through individual sessions or experiential workshops, Agapi shares her wisdom and gifts in various corners of the world. Drawing from the secrets of shamanism, archetypes, art, tantra, dance, and spirituality, her sessions and workshops create a harmonious fusion of Knowledge and Experience.

While Agapi brings a general structure to her workshops, she remains open to the currents of the Divine Will in each moment. By channeling the content of the workshops intuitively, she ensures that the teachings resonate deeply with the participants, fostering a profound connection and allowing for authentic, transformative experiences.


BBTRS® creator Giten Tonkov shares a mastery of body-oriented therapies that has evolved from decades of learning and work with thousands of clients. A Licensed Massage Therapist and certified Breath & Body Oriented Therapist, he developed BBTRS® on a years-long personal journey of recovering his own body, which carried the impact of a childhood accident.

His body “remembered” the accident in ways his mind did not, and the suffering was trapped within him.


Throughout many years of working with different bodywork modalities, conscious movement, and meditation techniques, he identified a series of tools that came together into a single practice that he has been sharing with thousands across the world for nearly 20 years. Giten documented this work, and its origins, in FEEL TO HEAL: RELEASING TRAUMA THROUGH BODY AWARENESS AND BREATHWORK PRACTICE [Hyperlink to book page].

Since developing BBTRS®, Giten—along with former students who have become leading BBTRS® facilitators, Nisarga Dobosz and Prema McKeever— also began offering body-oriented trainings in Poland. These now include specialized Acute Trauma trainings for Ukrainian refugees impacted by war, as part of the Ukrainian Training Resilience Project (offered in collaboration between BBTRF and IBF).


A native of Ukraine, Giten makes his home in the Santa Cruz mountains in California, USA, and the Greek Island of Lesvos. He previously lived and practiced in New York City for 24 years, as well as India and Bali, Indonesia, for more than ten years.

Join us in this inviting and cozy space as we embark on a beautiful journey of returning to the body. Allow yourself to be embraced by the gentle energies and the warmth of the community, and surrender to the blissful sensations that arise from connecting deeply with your own being. Get ready to rediscover the sacredness of your body and open the doors to a life enriched with joy, pleasure, and profound self-love.

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