Intuitive Readings

Together, we discover solutions to the problems in all life sectors: health, work, relationship, family, self-development, and more.

My reading is meant for you if you are ready to explore the realms of your inner: Truth, Love, Freedom, and Power. I am here to share insights that will bring you closer to understanding your Life’s Path – the blueprint your Higher Self crafted before you were born. My aim is to assist you in crafting a life that aligns with your true desires and not the expectations of others!


Your life is like a cinema. The projector is your subconscious and the screen your external reality. My intuitive readings are designed to help you make changes in the projector so that you can create a better reality!

When I connect with your subconscious—your Higher Self, or Divine Self—I do not reveal some mystery that will happen in the future; my readings are not “forecasts” of what has been “laid out for you.” What happens in your future depends on your decisions in the present moment, decisions over which you have complete control.

I focus on helping you take these decisions carefully!

I do that by channeling the roots of each problem, which are stored in your subconsciousness.

They might be childhood traumas, family dynamics, problematic patterns, energy cords, and a lot more.

When I find the roots, I can understand the problem itself, and then take direction from your subconscious. I channel a specific exercise you need to do in order to heal the specific issue.

How a session works:

In my sessions, you come with questions in mind—questions that you would like to ask your Divine Self through me. 
In order to answer them, I turn off the hemisphere of logic, and I turn on the hemisphere of intuition.

I then connect with your Higher Self and let Him/Her speak through me or/and I access your Akashic Records, without influencing the information with any of my own beliefs or thoughts. You are the one who guides the whole session—first by deciding your questions, and then by responding during the session. Your questions might grow as your awareness and insight expand.

Many people are amazed to realize that they already hold all the answers to their own lives—both about their pasts and what is needed for their futures. This does not mean that their lives are already “laid out,” but instead that they are the architects of their lives. But everyone needs support. We get help in researching other important questions—about health, or future planning—why not with the most important aspects of our personal development?

The information you need to move forward might come from a past that you have lost sight of, or an inner guidance whose voice you cannot hear. My entire job is to see what is within you, just waiting for you. Depending on the content of a particular question, I sometimes enter the “library of your life,” the Akashic Records, to find the answer; sometimes all I need is to channel directly through your Divine Self.

Why my intuitive readings are different from other sessions:

  • All questions are answered by channeling the answers from your Higher Self; there is no influence from the personality or the beliefs of the channeler.
  • You will be given homework in order to achieve your transformation on your own; in this way, you feel empowered. At no time is the power of your healing given to another person. You hold it in your hands throughout the process.
  • Since the answers from the past, and guidance to move forward, are contained within your Divine Self, you can become your primary “therapist.”* With my sessions, you can access “all in one,” since you already have the most intimate connection to all aspects of your life. 
  • Please note: You can make changes in your Akashic Records! Yes, they are a journal of your past—including past lives—but they are “living records.” They can change each moment, as soon as you decide your next direction. Realizing this can deeply influence your life, and your future lives! 

Benefits of the intuitive readings:

  • You can find out your purpose—your mission—in life, and enter a path that is more appropriate for you to achieve it.
  • As you discover the best direction in your life, in this moment, guidance comes according to your Spirit, and not your personality. Sometimes our minds can get in the way!
  • You can find ways to change your life—especially how to get out of situations that do not serve you anymore.
  • You can learn what is good for your body, and what to avoid. For example, you could discover what kind of food is healthy for you individually, versus what might be toxic, or what kinds of activities your body needs at a specific moment.
  • The valuable information about past lives or your family tree will help you understand your relationships with specific people or some habits that you have.
  • You can cut unhealthy cords with people in your life that no longer serve you—family, friends, partners, etc.
  • You can gain valuable information on how to heal your inner child and most of its traumas. Specific homework is given where needed. Note: This particular process can assist both in this life and beyond.
  • You can differentiate what your Ego-personality wants as compared with what your Higher Self wants. With practice and attunement, you can achieve a better connection with your Higher Self.
  • You can find solutions to most of your problems—and also uncover the main sources they come from.
  • You can receive specific guidance and particular steps that can help you change anything that is not good for you—and direct your attention to what is.
  • You can learn practical techniques that will help you achieve inner peace, love, abundance—and generally take you where you need to be in your personal, self-development process!

“When I work with Agapi, I feel a lot of trust because I know that I am working with someone who is able to set aside personal beliefs and assumptions in order to be fully present and transmit exactly what I need to hear. Agapi is a motivating force and a great guide to those parts of my consciousness that I can’t easily access myself due to the resistance I hold. My favorite session with her was the one where she just said: “You are doing great. You don’t need me right now all you need to do is trust.” Which proves that Agapi is a fearless and clear channel as well as a teacher of freedom. I strongly recommend her work to anyone who wishes for support to figure out the complications of life from a heart perspective.”

Daniel Bernhard​

 *Important note: My sessions are meant to help people take decisions about what needs healing and where they see their lives as they move forward. Sometimes we all need additional help that will support this forward movement. There is great benefit to different kinds of therapies, whether mental health, trauma release, physical, or others, all of which can help you heal.

The influence of the session begins from the moment you book. If, for example, you are dealing with a difficult situation, you will notice that you will find a solution even before the session. This happens because the moment you book a session, an energetic field opens in your life, which helps you be more conscious and moves the energy inside and outside you!

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