January's New Moon (You can do the ceremony on the 21st of the month 18:00 - 24:00 Greece time)

We are not alone on this planet; many things can influence our way of living, thinking, feeling and behaving, and some of these are happening in the Universe!



Ceremony: Light a candle (preferably white) and look at the flame.

Breathe in and out and visualize that you breathe the light. Slowly lose yourself and become that light. Nothing exists. Your body, your emotions, your thoughts, even your name and personality have all vanished in the light.

Stay there for a while, rest and let everything go.

After a while, visualize the flame giving birth to your new self! A divine self that has come to this world with a specific mission and is ready to accomplish it!

Your Ego has transformed in the sacredness of the fire and is ready to serve the Divine with lots of humbleness and devotion!
You do not carry any more the weight of your traumas, past lives, patriarchic programs and family tree beliefs. You are new; you are sacred; you are your Authentic self.

Have a shower, wear new clothes and celebrate alone or with others!

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