June's New Moon

Welcome dear souls, to the energy of the new moon in Gemini in 18th of June 2023. This new moon is a bridge that will help us communicate in a more loving and conscious way!

The upcoming new moon, set to occur on June 18th, carries the essence of healing for our throat chakra and communication skills.

It encourages us to communicate authentically, free from the fear of others’ reactions, while also avoiding the need to assert our authority or be “right” in every situation. This moon offers a beautiful opportunity to establish a new way of communication that is more heart-centered than mind-centered.

Ceremony (June 18)

Light a candle facing east and sing your favorite song. Sing from the depths of your heart with passion.


Afterwards, stand up and take deep breaths. If you are in nature, listen to the surrounding sounds and dance to their rhythm. If you are in the city, play music that incorporates natural sounds and do the same.


When you have completed the ceremony, blow out the candle with the intention of leaving behind a period in which you communicated predominantly from your ego-mind.


Then, relight the candle with the intention of embracing a new phase where you communicate from the space of your Spirit and inner Divinity.


Allow the candle to burn as a symbol of this transition.

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