Let's talk about ejaculation

Let's talk about ejaculation

Ejaculation has many similarities with menstruation. Both depend on our subconscious programming and influence from the patriarchy.


THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH EJACULATION! It just depends on the space that is coming from. Giving that a man can have an orgasm without ejaculating, the experience of ejaculation is not always necessary to be included in the sexual act, since it is also a loss of vital energy. 


But let’s take the things from the beginning…
When the patriarchal period started the masculine increased its energy, inside and outside of us, and positioned itself more than the feminine. The overstimulation of the masculine energy led to competition, stress, need to mark our territory, and more. This unbalance of energies created patterns of behavior, inside men and women, that are connected to energetic entities.


Some of those patterns-entities inside a man’s and a woman’s body are:
MAN: The masculine has to possess the feminine and mark its territory
WOMAN: The feminine has to be possessed by the masculine and lose its independence
MAN: He rejects the force of life by spending it unconsciously
WOMAN: She sucks his energy of life because she cannot absorb the energy of mother earth
MAN: Through ejaculation sometimes he can place a hook inside the vagina of the woman in order to absorb her energy (this happens especially to men who did not enjoy their mother’s affection)
WOMAN: She seeks to be hooked because of the subconscious patriarchal belief that she has to belong to a man
MAN: The feeling of unhealthy indulgence hidden behind the ejaculation can replace the healthy feeling of pleasure! This is the same as smoking, drinking, eating, and any other ways to have pleasure. If the man lives a miserable life then he tries to hide his unhappiness with indulgences, if he is happy then he just allows pleasure!


Unfortunately, those patterns are deeply stored in our system, as well as the collective unconscious, and no matter how liberated we are we might still have them inside of us. Let’s not forget that the Patriarchal period started more than 4000 years ago.


The influence of those years is still inside of us and we need to go into a deep work to “clean” it.

Ejaculating is a beautiful act whenever is done from a healthy space, a space where the man feels the impulse to share his life seeds with a woman!
In order for this to happen, he has to first initiate a journey of a deep cleansing of those entities and programs. Programs that he inherited from his family tree, his religion, and his society. A journey where the Ego totally dies and lets the true sword of the man shine! 


There are techniques out there designed to teach men to control their ejaculation and create a space for orgasm without ejaculating.
I am not a fun of techniques because they usually empower the control system. I believe that if a man starts erasing all the above programs from the deepest core of his cells, then the body will follow its natural way of being.


The natural way of a man’s body is a body that:

  • Seeks naturally pleasure through relaxation and doesn’t need indulgence to hide his unhappiness or frustration in life
  • Keeps his vital energy because he loves and cares about himself
  • Decide to share his seeds with respect, love, and generosity

And let’s not forget…when you are in a couple this is a work of two. MEN and WOMEN! Both hide those unhealthy patterns inside of you.

It takes two to tango!!!

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