I guide you to embark on a journey inside you, focusing on Tantra's two main principles: our inner man and woman, our Attention and Energy!

I developed this session to help you heal yourself through the relationship between your inner man and woman; meaning the way that your attention meets your energy inside your body!


Guiding you in a deep meditation that can train your attention to stay inside your body and not jump to the mind and using the power of conscious touch, breath and meditation you achieve a transformation in all sectors of yourself:

physical, emotional, mental and energetic, in all dimensions and lives!

I guide you to embark on a journey inside you, focusing on Tantra’s two main principles: our inner man and woman, our Attention and Energy!
One of the biggest gifts of the session is that it helps you train your attention, which eventually raises the levels of your awareness and the power you need to heal anything happening inside you!
I am there only to support your journey; you are the only one who creates your reality and the only one who has access to shift this creation!
Taking the lead and the responsibility of your healing process contributes significantly to your self-development journey and enhances your love, gratitude and appreciation toward yourself!



Why to have a session:

  • It will improve your self-esteem and self-confidence
  • You can heal traumas that are stored inside you from your childhood or even other lives
  • It helps you have a better awareness of your body and whatever is happening inside you
  • It raises your vital (sexual) energy, which you can channel into different activities in your life, such as your work, relationship, creativity, and more.
“Agapi’s session allowed me to receive a direct experience of the tantric/taoist principles of polarity, i.e. consciousness/energy – inner man/inner woman – yin/yang, and to directly apply it as tools for my self development. This means everytime my triggers appear and my nervous system goes into fight-or-flight, I now have 2 new tools that allow me to regulate it, detach myself from the experience and enter again the state of flow revitalising my body. I also found that it minimized my regulating time and energy consumption of my trigger.”
Katerina Gadis

Let's see how it works:

In life, everything is energy. When energy flows freely inside us, we experience an easy-going, happy life because we are healthy, abundant, and vibrant.

However, when energy stagnates due to stress or childhood traumas, we cannot manifest the best version of ourselves or create the best life for ourselves.


In a session, I help you dive inside yourself using the power of your observer (attention), breath, and conscious touch. The more present you are in this process, the more you empower your inner observer, which can lead to transformation and healing inside and outside of you.


The relationship between observer and energy leads to higher consciousness and awareness of your physical, emotional, mental, and energetic body.

During the session, we allow all of your bodies to reveal the information ready for healing. This may come in the form of emotional releases, memories of trauma, inherited family programs, or even past life experiences. By staying present and filling the space with your consciousness, healing begins to occur.


I hold space for you and use my voice to guide you. If necessary, I may also invoke Sacred Beings to assist in your process, such as Archangels, Power Animals, and Sacred Plants.

It is an inner self-reflecting journey with an almost psychedelic touch without any external stimulation!

Love-me therapy with Cacao

When I integrate my therapeutic approach with a cacao ceremony, it delves deeper and imbues a profound spiritual and metaphysical essence. The inclusion of cacao aids in the opening of our hearts and enables us to access our emotions.

By combining this with the love-me therapy, a more spiritually transformative experience unfolds, as it facilitates not only personal healing but also allows individuals to connect with their spirit guides who actively partake in the healing journey.

This harmonious fusion allows for a multi-dimensional healing process, drawing healing energies from within, the cacao, and the supportive spiritual beings present.





Contact me to book a session: agapiapostolopoulou@gmail.com

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