Coffee Ceremonies

My coffee ceremonies are a mixture of Ethiopian coffee ceremonies and my shamanic touch channeled directly from the Spirit of Coffee.

Where tradition blends with shamanism! 

My coffee ceremonies are a mixture of Ethiopian coffee ceremonies and my shamanic touch channeled directly from the Spirit of Coffee.

Coffee is a plant with deep wisdom. We hardly know valuable information about coffee because we have mainly focused only on its ability to keep us “awake.”

But what if coffee is a sacred plant that could create another kind of awakening…? and it is!
A part of me comes from Ethiopia, one of the Mothers of coffee and the place where it took its name from.

I grew up with the women of my family having at least a coffee ceremony per day. They were first preparing the space with different leaves and flowers; then they were roasting the coffee beans so that the Spirit of the plant could bless our house with its aroma and finally were boiling it slowly in a specific pot called Jebena.

My role as a child was to go out and call all women of our neighborhood to join the ceremony; after that, I stayed with my toys in the living room, observing silently how the coffee was helping women share their secrets, their problems and their dreams…

Of course, I couldn’t understand what was happening at that age. The whole process for me was a daily routine.

Now, when I go back in time, I realize that it was a slow initiation into the path of shamanism!

Today I feel honored and grateful to use the coffee as a via to help people in their awakening, healing and consciousness!

Coffee is a sacred plant that yearns to teach people how to get rid of anything that does not benefit them in their path of awakening. It works directly on our pineal gland by cleansing it and re-activating it!

The healing is direct, the message is direct and the love you absorb from this sacred plant is also direct!

What is the process:

I make the coffee at home following a sacred method and I bring it to the meditation room where we drink it doing specific meditations.


These meditations help us connect with the Spirit of coffee and witness how the plant starts healing anything ready to be healed in the specific moment of our lives.


I sometimes blend my coffee ceremonies with my cacao ceremonies in a seminar.


Combining Cacao and coffee works perfectly since they both work on helping people but from different angles. Coffee can help us develop our consciousness and awakening, while Cacao helps us open our hearts and embrace all colors of life!

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