How to naturally produce DMT

I wrote this article through channeling! It is not based on any scientific research. Please receive it only if it resonates with you!


 According to the level of consciousness, we use different parts of our brain. Some of these parts can lead us to more mystic and esoteric spaces. They can take us to dimensions outside of what our logical part calls “reality”.


Unfortunately, we think that reality is whatever we see and feel with our five senses. But this is a tiny part of the REALITY. 


DMT is a substance released mainly by our pineal gland, which can help our brain access those parallel worlds. 

You can visit the possible future and past. You can access dimensions of other beings such as angels, fairies and more. 

You can consciously move your energetic body, travel and make changes inside your physical body, step out and in of the matrix, enter into a conscious dreaming and more. 


But how can our brain produce DMT on its own without taking any psychedelic plants? 


Some ways are:

  1. Through Faith! The more you believe that there is more than the reality that you can see with your two eyes, the more chances you have to produce more DMT.
  2. Avoid any chemical drugs which, instead of boosting up the natural release of DMT, they block it.
  3.  Sungaze (use a spicific method to do that)
  4. Avoid alcohol!
  5. Whenever you take hallucinogenic drugs, do it ceremonially and meditatively. In this way, you enter a state of concentration and avoid any unhealthy exchange of energy with other people, which can also attack your system with entities and occupy or block you.
  6. Practice different kinds of art.
  7. Practice more sacred sex where you include all bodies; emotional, energetic and physical. Sex is a powerful tool that can take us into different dimensions when done more tantric and sacredly.
  8. Meditate
  9. Boost up your kundalini and let it reach your pineal gland (do that with a guidance of a specialist)

Things that can damage the Natural release of DMT are: 

  • Electricity (especially light on the ceiling)
  • Any kind of unhealthy and toxic source of information, such as news on tv or the internet (especially audiovisual) that makes you worry, feel afraid and believe that there is only one reality.
  • Stress
  • Chemical medicines and new technology vaccines.
  • Engaging with toxic people

DMT is the nectar of consciousness that can take you to a powerful meeting with the Divinity inside you. Use it with respect!

One of my projects that “train” your brain to access different dimensions is  “The Secrets of Magic”!

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