Nectar of Polarities

Dear woman and man,
You both can dive deep inside your soul and play with the beautiful colors of your feminine and masculine energy.

If you let your fears of your personality avoid that depth, you will miss a fascinating jewel of your incarnation; the jewel to be able to dance between the feminine and masculine (something that you could also find in same-gender relationships)!

This space for the feminine is the ability to let go, trust, and surrender to the masculine that is present, yearning to serve the feminine by holding space for her melting and her desire to become one with him.


There are many fields where you can experience this beautiful dance, one of them is while making love


Important! I am not asking you to surrender to his personality, his Ego, his macho part, neither to hold space for her closed heart and her control system.

I am asking you both to go beyond your fears, resistances and Ego, beyond the unhealthy masculine and feminine that wants to control, suppress and manipulate. Beyond all those programs of the Patriarchy you will come across the magic of the polarities. You will meet him in the depth of his masculine polarity, where his presence is so strong that he can hold space for your relaxation and your love, where you can trust him and let yourself dissolve inside the purity of his Godliness.


This is not a meeting of two individuals who have expectations, who want to manipulate and control each other.
It is a meeting of two Gods incarnated in a physical body. Even though they might never see each other again, these Gods take the risk to go beyond their human conditions and touch for some seconds the nectar of the most amazing Divine innovation, the nectar of feminine and masculine polarities!

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