New Moon 30th of May

New Moon 30th of May

A very special Moon that connects us to a state of making a powerful jump into a New Self that we have no idea how he/she can be!

If I would choose a Tarot card for the energy of this New Moon would be “The Fool,” number 22! Feeling the strength and the faith to jump into the Unknown!!!


Every New and Full Moon are gates into something…

This is a gate into “Nothingness”! Nevertheless, from the depth of Nothingness, anything can derive.
In a few words, this New Moon is a gate that, if you open it you will jump into a new self that you most probably are not aware of it, or if you are, is the self that you always dreamt of being.


It is a very powerful Gate of sudden “Death” of your current personality and a jump into a state of “I have no idea who I am”! From that space, a space of no expectation, parts of your Authentic self will come out!


Light a candle and face East standing.
Close your eyes and visualize that you are in front of a cliff, ready to jump! Place your left hand on your heart, your right on your first chakra and make a small jump in front of you.
Lie down on the floor, close your eyes, and visualize the New Moon entering your solar plexus, creating a Void feeling. Stay there for a couple of minutes and slowly feel that there is a new self coming out of that void. What are the characteristics of that self?
When the “formation” of your New Self is completed, right down everything and have a small celebration with yourself or with others!




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