Normal and Natural woman

There are normal women and natural women. Normal women are the ones who follow consciously and subconsciously the “normas,” meaning rules of society. Natural women are the ones who follow only their Nature.


But what exactly means being in a Normal or Natural state of being?

Thousand years ago, women lived in complete freedom and strongly connected with the Divinity and the Earth. They used to talk with the wind, the earth, the fire and water by using their majestic power of Intuition. They were responsible for maintaining life on this earth in harmony, balance and love.


Their body had more value than an altar or a church, and their soul was able to live in total connection to their Divine Self!

In that period, women knew how to give birth in the Nature, under the stars and the moon, crying out not from pain but orgasms and ecstasy!

These I call Natural women!


The women of that period loved with all their existence since they didn’t know how to love differently.

 There is no other way to love; either you swim in a lake filled up with the vibration of love or live in a lie where you only try to satisfy others as much as you can, calling that “love.”


When the Sacred Woman died, another woman was born whose only interest was to satisfy, consciously or unconsciously, the society’s rules, the family and the religion.


That was the beginning of the Patriarchal period!


When that started, humanity passed from an epoch of Pleasure to an era of Fear! From Light to Darkness and from Love to the false power of Egocentrism.


Women lost their sacredness and their value completely! They descended from their “Throne” and handed all their strength entirely over to the man «protector» and, of course to the, suddenly, unique «God.»


Then a new type of women appeared. Women who were only interested in satisfying men’s needs and at the same time finding ways to take their revenge from them. Women who were raising their children in a total disconnection with their Intuition and who were following society’s rules blindly. 

These I call Normal women!


This type of woman is a woman with immense strength, coming out of her sacred Nature, that she doesn’t know how to canalize it in a way that honors her inner Goddess. Instead of that, she uses her strength in a masculine way by becoming a being that she is not and has never been!



The “New Woman

We are now passing to the next Era, where we need to find again our Nature in a more Upgrade form. We need to reconnect to the Earth and detox ourselves from all subconscious anger and hate we hold for men. But most of all we need to reclaim our cycle and the Four Archetypes of it!

When the woman steps in her natural power she steps in Four main archetypes:

Goddess ARTEMIS, Goddess APHRODITE, Goddess HECATE and Goddess GAIA. 

Depending on the moment she is in her cycle, she feels more comfortable expressing one archetype than another. 

In each phase of the cycle, the woman has a different way of thinking, a different way of expressing emotions and using her energy. All these phases are affected by the secretion of various hormones and the influence of the moon on her.


On the contrary, the Normal woman is just one or max two archetypes throughout all her cycle! This creates an immense confusion in the woman’s psyche and a total disconnection between Mind, Body and Soul.



How I can help you:

The way I can help you in your journey from Normal to Natural is with my series of sessions called The Power of your Cycle!

The Power of your Cycle is a series of 5 sessions where we embark on a journey in these Archetypes. We go deep in each of them, and we heal anything that influenced them during our life, as well as anything we have inherited from our family tree.


What you can obtain from this project and throughout the healing of each Goddess is:


Goddess ARTEMIS (7th to 14th day): 

  • Mission in this life
  • Discipline versus self-demanding
  • Setting up goals and make a strategy on how to accomplish them
  • Healthy use of masculine energy (concentration, direction, action, presence, etc)

Goddess AFRODITE (14th to 21st day):

  • How to create healthy energy of money and abundance
  • Be more feminine and express it
  •  Give birth to a baby or projects (archetype of the mother)
  • Find your natural beauty

Goddess HECATE (21st to 28th day):

  • See the truth and not what you try to convince yourself in order not to go out of your comfort zone
  • Set up clear boundaries and say NO whenever is needed and YES also whenever is needed
  • Valuable tools of a transparent and honest introspection
  • Courage to make changes even though are against society, family, religion, etc

Goddess Gaia (1st to 7th day):

  • Reconnect to the Earth
  • Be the “doctor” of your body
  • Transformation through death and rebirth
  • Find out the therapeutic power of the menstrual blood and raise Its vibration

And more according the moment, you are in your path of self-development!


If you are interested in the sessions visit my project: “The Power of your Cycle”

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