November's Full Moon

Tuesday 8th of November!

How much do you tend to sabotage yourself?
Are you aware that the only one able to help you advance in your life is you only when you stop losing time and energy in your resistance and self-manipulation?


This full Moon-Eclipse is an opportunity for a deep letting go of your resistance and self-sabotage. It is a magic moment to open yourself to the love of the Moon and let Her wash all internal obstacles that do not let you move on in your life.


Ceremony (you can do this on the 7th or 8th of Nov)
Light a candle and phase East.

Breathe in the fire of the light and breathe out your resistance, being aware that even though you intend to let go of your resistance, your control system is more powerful than your intention and does exactly the opposite!

Do not go against your control system!
Place a hand on your heart and visualize that all your control is there, like a small ball of iron or any other material that you feel it is.

Close your eyes and listen to the beat of your heart. Visualize that the resistance ball melts and slowly disappears with every beat of your heart!
Finish with a gesture of gratitude towards the Moon, the eclipse and you!

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