October's New Moon (You can do the ceremony 25th of October)

25th of October! New Moon and Eclipse.

A celebration of deep death and transformation!

This New Moon is an amazing opportunity to become a new self by letting go of all those parts of you that do not belong to your Authentic self!

The energy of this New Moon is quite powerful since the Eclipse accompanies it, and I strongly recommend you not resist its influence!

Time to let go!



Light a candle and sit in meditation. Close your eyes and breathe. Place one hand on your heart and say the phrase, “I am here”! Feel that you are not alone and yourself is there supporting and always being there for you! Now invite the energy of the New Moon to “shower” you with a blue light! Feel that you are under a river of dark blue light, which cleans anything that is not beneficial for your self-development process in all sectors of your life!
Stay there for around 2 min, have a relaxing shower, and sleep with a dreamcatcher inside your bedroom!

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