Opening the Gates of Akasha

A workshop where you can learn how to access your Akashic Records

Many years ago, in order to learn how to access the Akashic Records, you needed to be part of an esoteric school; now, in the Era of Aquarius, this wisdom is given to us freely and abundantly.

Having access to the Akashic Records is one of the best gifts given to Humanity in the last years to help our spiritual evolution and the discovery of true love.


What are the Akashic Records?


Every Soul is a drop of Divinity that decides to go on a journey of different incarnations. In this journey. Everything that this soul experiences is stored in a “hard disc” called Akashic Records. All the experiences, thoughts, actions, emotions, traumas, gifts, wisdom, and knowledge of all lives are very well saved there!


Accessing this “hard disk” allows us to go beyond the dimension of time and space and get in touch with the “biography” of our Soul’s journey.


Having the ability, for example, to access the experience that you had in lives, you were a priestess, a priest, a witch, an artist, etc. and bring it into the present life can enrich this life significantly and contribute to your self-development process!



The workshop

In this workshop, we will learn to use different tools to help us access our Akashic Records.


It is a combination of a theoretical and experiential process!


First, we will go on a journey to “clean” ourselves from anything ready to be “cleaned” that prevents our access to the Akashic Records. Then we will take part in a beautiful ceremony of initiation into the Akashic Records and we will finish with a Celebration!


Some people have a special “gift” of channeling and it will be very easy for them to access the Akashic Records and others need to practice.

We all have the right to access the Akasha; gifted or not, our capacity to access with clarity this loving Dimension depends on the amount of self-work we have done and the ability of our Ego-personality to serve the Spirit and not the opposite.


The seminar includes exercises of self-knowledge, meditations, therapeutic dance, healing of our inner child, initiation in Akashic Records and much more.


It will be a first approach and contact with your Akashic Records; after that, you will need to practice on your own to maintain your vibration high and the Gates of Akasha open!




Looking forward to witnessing your transformation, your healing and your authentic power of consciousness and love!

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