An orgasm can be an amazing moment to upload new information to your system or a way to lower your vibration.


It all depends on the quality of your love-making…


If you make love to satisfy your ego, to unhealthily serve your man/ woman, or to give yourself a moment of stress and discharge, the quality of your orgasm will not be anything special.


But what happens when we have an orgasm?


The moment of the orgasm is when we lose control and open ourselves to whatever is happening inside and around us.


If, for example, during the orgasm, we listen to our partner talking to us  using  “low vibration” words then this is the message that we absorb deep inside our subconscious!


If we surrender to love and let go of our control system at that moment, we create waves of high vibration that will probably stay active for a long time!


A beautiful way to “upload” positive information to your system, during an orgasm(especially when you make love to yourself) is:
If the orgasm is number 10, when you reach number 8, start repeating the information you want to upload.


For example, you can repeat the phrase “I am love” until you reach the orgasm peak and continue for a couple more minutes.

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