Dear December 2022, thank you for closing a huge transformation cycle and opening the gates of manifesting my new Self! You help me close a gate that I opened three and half years ago and open a new one towards creating a new reality!


Since the beginning of the Covid Era, we have been in a deep change! Covid helped many of us pause our lives and look inwards! That was the gift of Covid!

It forced us to do less, travel less, socialize less, and stay at home, developing our feminine side, which yearned to have some fun by relaxing, doing nothing and slowing down the speed of life!

What do we do now that we slowly enter our “normal” life? Do we go back to the way we were, as if nothing happened, or do we learn our lesson and go forward?

This December is the final test of what we learned from this period! After that, the opportunities of creating a new reality appear according to our self-development journey’s vibration.

Besides our external reality is how our inner vibration reflects the material form! The highest the vibration you are in, the better your external reality!


I strongly recommend you reflect on your changes during the last years and what new Self you would like to be from now on!

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