The power of your cycle

The Power of Your Cycle is a series of Five sessions where we dive deep inside the different archetypes of your cycle!

Do you know what your feminine nature really is and the power that is hidden behind each phase of your cycle?
Do you want to finally get rid of your menstruation pain and turn it into pleasure?
Do you know that behind PMS syndrome lies the misuse of your wild feminine power?
Have you ever felt the need to discover your authentic feminine side beyond everything the patriarchal society has told you?

During the menstrual cycle, a natural woman is not one but four different women who change according to the phase of the cycle.

Each phase lasts approximately a week (in a cycle of 28 days) and it is influenced by the secretion of various hormones during the cycle.

In each phase, the woman has different ways of thinking, expressing emotions, and using her energy.

The phases bring out from the woman’s psique different archetypes.

In order to describe those archetypes, I love using the Greek Goddesses:


Unfortunately, many women today are not in touch with those phases. They almost feel each phase the same because they are more connected to their masculine side than their feminine body.
The childhood traumas, the programs inherited by the family tree and the social rules suppress most of the phases and do not let the energy flow between them.

This is why a woman today is acting more like a man, following her mental structure and not the biology of her body.

The result of this is: women feeling terrible pains in their period, the PMS syndrome, different gynecological diseases, depression, unhappiness, lack of abundance, lack of libido, stress, and a lot more!
When a woman learns how to honor and give space to those different phases, she can reach her full potential and live life on her terms!

Who is this for:

  • For women who are still in their menstruation period and look forward to know themselves more (if you are in your menopause check my sessions “The wise woman”)
  • For women who have difficulties with their menstruation or the PMS syndrome.
  • For women who are tired of following the rules of society, mainly created to serve the masculine more than the feminine.
  • For women who are ready to empower themselves and follow their mission.
  • For all of you who yearn to follow this path because you felt the call of your intuition!


The Sessions

The Power of Your Cycle is a series of Five sessions where we dive deep inside these Archetypes in you!

We start the sessions on the First day of your cycle, and then we meet once per week. 

In each session, I channel for you all the information that is blocking the above archetypes. We dive deep inside your Family Tree, Childhood Traumas, Past lives, and Society’s Programs and with specific meditations and exercises that you do at home, you heal and transform each one of them.  

If I could describe my experience with Agapi's THE POWER OF CYCLE with a phrase, that would be "one-way ticket". Once we have started unlocking one by one the four archetypes that correspond to the four phases of my menstrual cycle, changes started happening in many sectors of my life (profession, abundance, relationships, physical body) without any specific effort or worry. With pure love, acceptance, humor and the spirit of researcher Agapi helped me realize and activate parts of myself that were suspended because of subconscious beliefs well hidden and difficult to process with the logical mind, family tree inherited information and previous lives' imprints. Dissolving into love and compassion whatever could not serve my spirit anymore we unlocked the power of manifesting and creating my reality the way I want. We opened the gates for a happy, fulfilling and juicy life!!
Eleni Kastanioti

What you will get from these sessions:

  • You will start living according to your biology and not your mind.
  • You will heal the wounds of your family tree that influence your way of living.
  • You will learn how to set up goals and accomplish them with discipline and not self-demanding or perfectionism.
  • You will unblock your sexuality and your abundance by reconnecting to the earth.
  • You will learn how to say No and YES according to the circumstances.
  • You will convert the PMS syndrome into a tool for a more effective introspection.
  • You will let go of the period pain and start connecting more sacredly with your menstrual blood!
    Your life will take a totally different path since you will start honoring the differences of the women inside you due to the different hormones of each phase.

If you are interested in the journey you will need to gather information regarding your family tree, the way you were born and the 9 months inside your mother’s belly.

If interested in a session, please fill out the form, and we will get in touch with you soon:

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