Let's talk about the structure of the training:

The training formally starts on the 11th of January 2024, but you will have to study a prerecorded class before our first meeting.

Then you will attend my online series “The Secrets of Magic 1 and 2” as a student with the rest of the group and afterwards as a teacher.


11th of January 2024, 20:00 – 22:00: Meeting of teachers, blessing and opening the field of the training

The Secrets of Magic 1

Every Tuesday and Thursday, 20:00 – 22:00 for 10 classes 

20:00 – 21:30 will be the normal class and 21:30 – 22:00 the Teachers Training

16 jan First Class
What is happening in the energetic world, the anatomy of our energy-body and the world of entities, parasites and cords.

TT: How to “direct” the energy of the class

18 Jan Second Class: Reconnect to the vital energy that we absorb from the earth, which we also call sexual, and use it as the fuel for the better functioning of all our bodies as well as the creation of our external reality.

TT: How to help people get in touch with their sexual energy in the class and use it for their transformation and healing  

23 jan Third Class: Diving in the world of plants. We will work with the Spirit of Cacao and Coffee.

TT: The principles of a cacao ceremony 

25 jan Fourth Class: What is our mission in this life and how to achieve it

TT: Start blending everything you know and creating your unique method that is aligned to your mission

30 jan Fifth Class: Learning to go beyond the fear of death

TT: How to take people through a transformation (death and rebirth) without overwhelming them

1st of Feb Sixth Class: Accessing different dimensions where angels and beings from other planets can communicate with us; this part is very delicate. 

TT: How to create fields of different vibrations and jump in 

 6 feb Seventh Class: Cutting cords with our mother, father and family tree, which will help us keep all the gifts and blessings of the family tree and let go of all wounds and unhealthy beliefs that influence our lives

TT: How to work with the inner child

8th Feb Eighth Class: Finding our true family and Reconnecting to them.


13th Feb Ninth Class
Diving deep in our shadow and merging with the Spirit.
Homework: Investigating the shadow

TT: A touch on how to work with the shadow in your classes (the shadow work is immense and requires a lot more time for teaching)

15th Feb Tenth Class: Certificates and Q&A

TT: How to prepare your first class until our next meeting

Your first class presentations:

29th of Feb 20:00 – 21:30 Q&A (time can change according to the needs of the group)

1st of March 18:00 – 22:00 Teachers time (Time to teach online and feedback of your teachings)

2nd of March 10:00-14:00 Teachers time (Time to teach online and feedback of your teachings)

*3rd of March 10:00 -14:00 Teachers time (Time to teach online and feedback of your teachings) 

*We might not have the class this day if we manage to finish your presentations in the previous classes (it depends on the number of participants)

The Secrets of Magic 2

Every Tuesday and Thursday, 20:00 – 21:30 for 10 classes 

Every Tuesday will be the normal class and every Thursday the Teaching.

5th of March First class  (student)

Entering the Sacred World of Tarot and inviting them into our lives as Sacred Conscious Archetypes

Including those powerful Beings in our lives will enhance our Perception of life with more tools as well as we will have access to a sacred Ancient Wisdom

7th of March First class (teacher): How to use the tool of Archetypes in our classes, being aware of the projection of their parents that your students will have on you  and how to get celestial help to help you in your class

12th March Second class (students)Entering the world of Roses and Lilies

A magical Conscious world of the powerful Vibration of Unconditional Love and Sacred Creativity

Including the world of Roses, we will enhance our world with the conscious field of love, and the Lilies will give us access to the Universal Womb

14 March second class (teacher): How to overcome the Ego games of being a teacher (the shadow of the teacher), how to teach from your heart

19th March Third class (student): Having access to the sacred field of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, which exists in other dimensions, and it is time to “download” it to our Planet

It is a field of Magic, Sacred Sexuality and the sacred marriage between the Universal – Sacred Masculine and Feminine

21st March Third class (teacher): Let’s dive more into how to teach a tantric class for beginners

26th of March Fourth class (student): Embodying the Archetypes of “King & Queen”. These archetypes will give us the access to our full potential in life! They will enhance our Self-Worth, Self-Esteem and Self-Love

28th of March Fourth class (teacher): How to keep a healthy authority from a space of a healthy leader and not a dictator even unconsciously, how to set up boundaries and how to teach a class even though you might be in a vulnerable emotionally state

2nd of April Fifth class (student): Entering the sacred and loving world of “Universal Dust” which is the world of infinite possibilities!!!

4th of April Fifth class (teacher): This is a class where I channel for each individually what you will need to do to become a better teacher according to your higher mission in life

More class Presentations:

25th of April 20:00-21:30 Q&A (time can change according to the needs of the group)

26th of April 18:00 – 22:00 Teachers time (Time to teach online and feedback of your teachings)

27th of April 18:00 – 22:00 Teachers time (Time to teach online and feedback of your teachings)

28th of April 18:00-22:00 Teachers time (Time to teach online and feedback of your teachings)

30th of April 20:00-22:00: How to promote yourself and Online Self-development Teaching Certificates 

Women's Facilitator Training

The second part is a more concentrated, in-person retreat of 2 modules around 15 days each. During this retreat, you will undergo specialized training to become a women’s facilitator in tantra based on my project “From Normal to Natural” . While the first online part is open to both men and women, the second part is exclusively for women. (Though this might change slightly based on the number of men who choose to participate.) If there’s significant interest from men, we’re open to adding a separate in-person retreat for both genders before the women’s facilitator training

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