Sacred Sex

Sacred Sex

Sex is like everything in life. It can be a way to unconsciously feed our weaknesses or a way to heal them consciously.
The keyword in the above statement is consciousness!
There is a whole world hidden behind sex and the way that it is done.

You can have sex for many different reasons that can be healthy or unhealthy, and you might not be aware of them.

Some unhealthy reasons can be:

  • Release stress
  • Keep your partner in the relationship
  • Control your partner
  • Feed yourself or your partner energetically
  • Boost up your self-esteem
  • Fill up a space of lack of affection and love that you have from your childhood.
  • Lose yourself in indulgence (the same thing that happens with smoking, drinking, taking drugs, and more)
    and more

A healthier reason to have sex is to enjoy life and connect with your partner! You can also use it to explore different worlds and aspects of yourself , that you are not aware of.  But most of all, you can use it as a healing process and a ritual that serves the Divine! This is called Sacred Sex!



When you make love in a sacred way, you first create a safe container in your house. Then you start very slowly, fully present in your body and conscious about anything that might pop up from your shadow to your consciousness.
Breathe deeply and notice all kinds of touches, kisses and movements taking place.

Experience surrendering to the love blossoming from your union, being fully present.
It is a moment that your control system can relax, can melt and can show you what lies behind your need to control.
If emotions come out, just let them flow and express them without hurting your partner.

In the end, always leave some time for relaxation in a hug of deep bliss.

Each time you connect with your partner in this way, you are healing yourself, going closer to love and stepping even closer to the Divine.

Try experiencing it only with partners that can hold space for you and vibrate in the same frequency as you.

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