What is coming for 2023 and 24

My Seminars

3 Ιουνίου 2023, Sunshine House,Χαλκίδα


Το σεμινάριο «Γιορταζοντας την Ζωή» θα είναι μια συγκέντρωση όπου θα αγκαλιάσουμε την ουσία της ζωής, τη χαρά και την πεποίθηση ότι η απόλυτη ευτυχία δεν είναι μόνο εφικτή αλλά και προσβάσιμη σε όλους.


Cofru Tantra Festival 22- 29 July 2023

Looking forward to facilitating in the festival!

From the 22nd to the 29th of July, our festival will open its door in the buzzing heart of Arillas in Corfu. A hand-picked team of teachers and helpers will guide you for an amazing journey in the depth of Tantra and fill you with wonder, joy and tenderness as your heart remembers the vastness of its love. We wish this festival to be like a cocoon and hence this residential festival is open only to a small sized group about 50 spaces at Alexis Zorbas in Arillas Corfu. It matters to us that you feel safe, welcomed, accepted as you are, and explore your inner ecstasy as a beginner or an experienced Tantrika. We invite you to Sing, Dance, Meditate and feel the Ecstasy of your heart.

Unveiling Love: A journey of sensual Expression and Intimacy
10th - 15th of April 2024

Join us on a journey of exploration and self-discovery in this profound and transformative experiential training.


Come to the enchanting “Island of the Gods”—Bali! —where you will nestle in the lap of nature at a breathtaking beachfront resort.


There you can dive deeply into a most intimate experience on the waves of Tantra!