The Secrets of Magic 2

Going deeper into the magical world of Existence

In the first part of “The Secrets of Magic,” we delved into fundamental concepts such as energy, symbols, alternate dimensions, sacred plants, archangels and more, integrating them into our understanding.

Now, with “The Secrets of Magic 2,” we’re setting out on a different journey—one that’s more deeply rooted in archetypes and closer to our beautiful heart!

Day 1

Entering the Sacred World of Tarot and inviting them into our lives as Sacred Conscious Archetypes

Including those powerful Beings in our lives will enhance our Perception of life with more tools as well as we will have access to a sacred Ancient Wisdom

Day 2

Entering the world of Roses and Lilies

A magical Conscious world of the powerful Vibration of Unconditional Love and Sacred Creativity

Including the world of Roses, we will enhance our world with the conscious field of love, and the Lilies will give us access to the Universal Womb

Day 3

Having access to the sacred field of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, which exists in other dimensions, and it is time to “download” it to our Planet

It is a field of Magic, Sacred Sexuality and the sacred marriage between the Universal – Sacred Masculine and Feminine

Day 4

Embodying the Archetypes of “King & Queen”. These archetypes will give us the access to our full potential in life! They will enhance our Self-Worth, Self-Esteem and Self-Love

Day 5

Entering the sacred and loving world of “Universal Dust” which is the world of infinite possibilities!!!


Join me in this transformative adventure, as we explore the depths of the mind and the heart, embracing ancient wisdom to enrich our lives in profound ways.

This journey was born within me, into the embrace of the sea!

On a hot summer day, as I was jumping in the sea, I felt that it was time to channel the Secrets of Magic 2.

There, in the sea’s depths, guided by the spirits of the ocean and Yemaya herself, I brought forth the themes for each class. With their inspiration, I nurtured and brought to life this entire project.

My hope is that this journey will transport you to wondrous realms, where you’ll realize that reality is far broader and more vibrant than the limited picture we’ve been given. I also wish for you to embrace this expanded reality with a sense of curiosity and imagination, awakening the joyful, imaginative spirit that resides within you.

So, let’s embark on this adventure together and have an incredible time!


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