Sex Magic

We unconsciously create magic all the time! We are the creators of our reality, whether we like it or not, and even though we love playing the victims and believe that everything depends on the external reality, we are still creating everything!

When we finally find the courage to take responsibility for the fact that we are the creators, we can create magic consciously, and one way to do that is SEX!

Like everything in life, magic can be low vibration or high vibration, and here I will describe the magic of high vibration!

To create high vibration magic, we need to drop any expectations and desires of our Ego and totally surrender to the will of our Spirit!

In a sexual context, both partners need to be in the same frequency and able to access their sacred sexuality. 

Our sexuality is like a beautiful clean river that flows from the core of mother earth into our chakra system. Since we grow up in a society that sexuality is something forbidden and dirty, we have stored beliefs and emotions that stand as obstacles for that river to flow. If we want to use this “river” to create magic, we first need to clean the obstacles, let it flow, and then use it according to the Spirit’s will. 

After cleansing our sexuality (something that might take years or lives), we connect to our partner, blending the fire of our sexuality and the power of love that emanates from our beautiful hearts. 

When sexuality and love become one, the magic portion is created! Afterward, the only thing that you need is a sacred intention! 

In a few words, to create magic, we need: 

  1. A container that, in this case, is our bodies
  2. Something to transform or to create, that is our reality
  3. Energy (that comes out from the blending of sexuality and love) with a specific intention! 

Of course, the cherry on the cake is: have fun and enjoy the act of your creativity as much as possible! 



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