The Journey of the Butterfly

Embark a journey of deep Transformation through teaching!

“A woman is a living embodiment of Earth’s spirit in human shape. Her breath dances to the Earth’s heartbeat, weaving emotions, love, and sensuality into the exquisite tapestry of existence.”

This training is a perfect fit if:

  • You have a deep affection for women and a strong desire to support them on their journey.
  • You have already been on a path of self-development, actively seeking personal growth.
  • You are prepared to commit yourself to serving the Goddess in all her diverse manifestations.
  • The call of Mother Earth resonates with you, and you are drawn to reconnect with her nurturing love.

This training consists of 3 parts: The Online Teacher Training and two in person retreats.


What is about:

The Journey of the butterfly traces the transformation into a Women’s Tantra Facilitator. This journey involves two in-person retreats, each lasting around 10 days. Through these retreats, you will delve into the very heart of womanhood, experiencing it both as a student and, more importantly, as an instructor.

First Retreat:

In the first retreat, we will journey with the archetypes of the cycle’s phases, like a guiding map for our feminine exploration. Even if you are in menopause, you can still embrace these archetypes, not linked to your cycle, but as guides for your soul’s journey.

We will also delve into the intricate dance between our feminine and masculine energies, uncovering paths towards their healing.

During the retreat, you will experience being a student, learning and absorbing. Then you will craft your own classes, with me there to guide and offer feedback. It’s a beautiful way to put into practice what you have learned and to shape your unique teaching approach!

You will gain the skills to guide women in:

  • Discovering their life mission
  • Breaking free from taboos around their sexuality
  • Learning how to “see” the truth that lies within
  • Recognizing the sacred nature of the menstrual blood as powerful medicine
  • Exploring the use of Yoni eggs
  • Nurturing a harmonious connection with their inner masculine aspect
  • Embracing their bodies as they are, appreciating the beauty beyond mere form

The teachings are based on Tantra for Women and you will receive some extra offerings for your teaching toolkit like: Belly Dancing, Tantric Puja for Women, how to work with Fairies and a touch of Systemic therapy.



A beautiful retreat center nestled amidst breathtaking mountains, just a scenic 2-hour drive from Athens airport. You will love this cozy sanctuary, where charming wooden cottages transport you into a fairytale world,  mesmerizing mountain vistas and a well-equipped meditation hall!

“We believe that the person who seeks peace, joy and truth about himself will also be inspired by the beauty of the mountains and the sea in the horizon that surround the land, but also by the tastefulness of the area itself. We wish our visitors to feel the warmth and the intimacy and draw joy and inspiration from the great – the expansion of consciousness as well as the small – the hand painted details on the keys, the feng- shui fountain at the entrance, the colorful flowers and the telescope.” Noosfera

ONLINE Teacher Training: 600 euros or 450 euros (if you have attended the Secrets of Magic before)

Women’s first retreat (Price per person): 1450 euros (Training, accommodation with full board meals in a double room)



per person single room: 1700 euros

per person triple room: 1400

All accommodation fees include THREE daily healthy, buffet style meals plus snacks/tea 

Price for the second retreat: coming soon

If interested, please fill out the form, and we will get in touch with you soon:

Second Retreat:

In the second retreat, we will journey even deeper into the realms of sensuality, sexuality, and beauty. We will transcend the confines of taboos and the patterns we have carried from our childhood and our family tree. Using the map ofthe Chakras, we will amplify the allure of our feminine and masculine energies. Moreover, I will reveal intimate insights from my channelings with Mary Magdalene and Isis, unveiling how our sexuality can shape our realities and weave a tapestry of healing for our precious Earth. A retreat where we will eventually replace the programming of Patriarchy inside us with pure love!

You will gain the skills to guide women in:

  • Attuning to the body’s needs through active listening.
  • Nurturing a healthier connection with the unbalanced Patriarchal masculine.
  • Elevating the energetic frequency of the womb.
  • Facilitating inner child healing.
  • Embracing the role of serving the Goddess.
  • Initiating men into the realm of sacred sexuality.

The teachings are based on Tantra for Women and you will receive some extra offerings for your teaching toolkit like: Activating the Sacred Spot, Breast massage and Secrets of initiations.

To be eligible for enrollment, there are certain prerequisites that you should meet.

  • To be a woman
  • Having attended the online program.
  • a minimum of 1,5 years of experience in  self-development   
  • a genuine aspiration for profound inner transformation and self-love!

I will let you know soon for the dates and the location.

Teaching is both a gift and a life mission. It’s akin to dancing, painting, singing, and more. Some are born with a natural gift for teaching, while others take time to cultivate the skill.

Both paths are wonderful, and everyone is welcome to embrace them!

It’s important to note that participating in the training doesn’t automatically guarantee you the certificate. The certificate will be awarded only after I confirm that you are prepared for teaching.

If you have questions you can book a short call with me or email me 


My entire life has revolved around teaching. I began teaching dance at the age of 18, and right from that first class, I sensed that this was my calling.

During my dance classes, a moment arrived when I realized that teaching dance alone wasn’t enough. I craved something deeper – the need to impart lessons about how the soul yearns to dance in life.

This realization led me into the realm of introspection and self-development. Progressively I mastered the art of guiding individuals to delve deeper into self-awareness and approach the realm of unconditional love.

Throughout these years of teaching, I occasionally stumbled into unhealthy teaching patterns, often tied to different facets of my ego. These experiences illuminated the kind of teacher I aspired to be – one who serves her students by crafting transformative spaces where people discover the strength to reconnect with their authenticity, truth, and love.

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