When the Spirit merges with the matter and the matter embraces the Spirit, Tantra appears!

Today there are many paths to self-improvement! Each one is unique and offers a part in your personal development.


Tantra is one of the most complete paths of self-improvement because it covers all aspects of the self: emotional, mental, physical, energetic and sexual!


It contains exercises and meditations where we heal childhood traumas, release taboos and beliefs from the mind and body, reduce the mind’s rambling thoughts, and evolve on all levels!

What is tantra for me:

Tantra is a way of life! On the tantric path we merge the Spirit with the matter in the most  pleasurable and effective way! It is why most of us have incarnated. It  is what most of us are looking for, in so many wrong ways.

We try to find it in indulgence, material consumption, cold and unhealthy lovemaking, addictions…and not where it really is; inside our physical, emotional and energetic body!


We are all Gods and Goddesses inside a human body, avoiding realizing that the Spirit can exist inside the matter and live a life of happiness and pleasure.


Why do we do that?


Because we were told that the Divine is somewhere outside, somewhere in the sky or in different dimensions and that the body is something sinful and “dirty”!

We thought that the Divine lives separately from the body somewhere in the sky or in a religious belief.


The Divine is everywhere! It is what makes matter exist… it is what makes us breathe, live, interact with each other and even with ourselves.

The Divine is not a strict masculine God living in the sky but a sweet love residing inside our body, inside the trees, the animals, nature, and all the creation of existence!


We have misunderstood so much what Divinity is!


Tantra comes to dissolve this misunderstanding and show us that we can find the Divine deep inside our bodies, inside our senses, our emotions, our sexuality and even our Shadow.

Each teacher teaches Tantra in a different way. I teach it through three approaches: Shamanism, the conscious use of the Senses and the relationship between our inner Man and Woman.

Shamanic approach:



In my shamanic approach, our sexual energy is the energy of the earth penetrating us and giving us our “fuel” to live!


When the earth’s energy rises through our column, it transforms into a more sweet sexual energy that nourishing all our chakras.


In that state, we become one with nature! We can find ourselves losing the obsessed control of the mind and becoming one with all elements; we can surrender to the fire, make love with water, flow with the wind and embrace the loving touch of the earth.


This brings us into a state of “Nirvana”!

golden lotus

Senses-Gates to Divinity




One way to find the Divine inside the body is through the senses.


We can find the Divine in everything that the senses can perceive; smelling the aroma of the coffee, eating a juicy mango, letting ourselves be taken by a melody, letting a simple touch ravish us, absorbing all the beauty of the world with our eyes…


It is when presence meets energy when our inner man meets our inner woman and flows in a creative dance within.



Our inner man and woman:

A healthy inner man is responsible for the presence and honesty we show to ourselves. He is always there to support us no matter what, show us the best path for us, and keep us in our center.

A healthy inner man is the part of ourselves that sets up goals and achieves them with discipline, not self-demanding or perfectionism. It is the part of us that whenever we fall, he asks us with lots of love to come back to our feet and continue.

Like a peaceful warrior, he holds a sword that he uses to cut the obstacles on his path and reflect his internal light to the external reality.


healthy inner woman is the one who is not afraid to let emotions flow, to do nothing and to just enjoy life without any goal. The part inside us which is connected to our intuition and to our creativity.


She is responsible for our pleasure, fun, craziness, and wildness!



moon and sun

When these two come together and merge in love inside us, Tantra appears through the beautiful inner dance of the polarities. And even though we are all deep inside pure divine beings without genders,  having healthy access to our polarities can add health, beauty, success, sparkle and joy to our lives.


The feminine and masculine are two archetypes that the Spirit uses to enjoy living on earth. They are like costumes that the Spirit can wear in different moments. And there is nothing more liberating for the Spirit to wear any costume It wants in order to express Itself freely on this planet.


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