The Goddesses within

"A tantric journey that will help you reconnect to your Femininity and discover your true Power."

27th of November

10:00-20:00 (including lunch break) or we finish at 18:00 if we do not have a big lunch break

Ananta Yoga Studio (Paralimni Cyprus)

This seminar is for all women who:

  • Are ready to step into their healthy feminine and masculine


  • Are ready to reconnect to the earth and start living like natural women


  • Yearn to absorb the nectar of life, living in their independence and freedom


  • Look forward to really loving themselves


  • Would like to awaken the archetypes of Goddess Hecate, Gaia, Artemis and Aphrodite!

Come if you feel ready to reclaim your authentic self which is hidden behind the existence of your inner Goddess and is waiting for you to be revealed!

“The Goddesses within” is a one-day workshop where we are going to initiate a transformative journey inside us with the intention to heal our masculine and feminine, heal all the archetypes of our Menstrual Cycle’s phases or enhance our wisdom if we do not have a cycle anymore and reactivate the power of our Womb!

The tools I will use on this journey are: Systemic, Tantra, Breathwork, Shamanic dance and Massage.

Your Cycle is the most significant source of power that exists in your body and your psychology!


Depending on the phase of your cycle, you express a different side of your personality!

According to the secretion of hormones during the cycle, you are in a different space inside yourself. You think, feel and act differently. You are a completely different woman on your period, postpartum, ovulation and the last week of your cycle.


I love using Greek Goddesses as archetypes to describe the phases:

1st week Goddess Gaia

2nd week Goddess Artemis

3rd week Goddess Aphrodite

4th week Goddess Hecate

In the seminar “The Goddesses within,” you come into contact with these archetypes, get to know them, embrace them and empower them!


It is a seminar that can help you whether you still have your cycle or not!


If you do not have a cycle it is important to heal those archetypes inside you in order to be able to take fully advantage of all wisdom hidden in your womb after your cycle ends.

27th of November

10:00-20:00 (including lunch break) or we finish at 18:00 if we do not have a big lunch break

Ananta Yoga Studio (Paralimni Cyprus)

Price: 120 euros

Book here:+35799053263, +306907189464(whatsapp)

The Phases of your Cycle:

Each cycle is different and can last 28 days, less or more.


If your cycle is larger or shorter, the phases are usually the same but divided in different numbers of days.


Of course, the phases do not change abruptly but gradually,

one Goddess gives the lead to the next!


I explain the phases starting from the 21st day:

21st-28th day

In this phase, progesterone levels rise and estrogen levels fall. The purpose of progesterone is to make sure that the lining of the uterus gets thicker for a possible pregnancy! But if the egg is not fertilized, progesterone levels begin to drop, signaling the body to start destroying the lining of the uterus, since it is no longer needed.


This phase is represented by the Goddess Hecate!


The Goddess Hecate is the one who is not afraid to see the truth within herself. In this phase the woman is introverted and needs to go into deep introspection to see what it is that needs to change in her life, add, remove or even develop. It is a very constructive period for those women who are on the journey of personal development, while on the contrary, a very irritating period for those women who refuse to see the truth within themselves and suffer from PMS syndrome.


Goddess Hecate’s favorite phrase is “What is inside of me that creates this particular reality outside of me?”




1st to 7th day

Due to low levels of estrogen and progesterone, the lining of the uterus breaks down and is expelled from the body through the vagina in the form of a reddish fluid. This is your period.


This phase is represented by Goddess Gaia!


One of the sweetest and calmest phases of the cycle, only when the woman has worked enough on her relationship with the menstrual blood!

Otherwise it can be painful, difficult and unacceptable! The Goddess Gaia is the one who connects us with death and life. She is the one who, if she takes the lead from the Goddess Hecate, can transform everything that Hecate realizes, with the power of menstruation. In this phase, the woman’s intuition reaches the heights as well as her connection with all the elements of Mother Earth!

Goddess Gaia’s favorite phrase is! “I have the power to heal and transform myself!”


7th-14th day

In this phase the ovaries begin to produce more follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), causing the period to decrease and eventually stop. This hormone signals the ovaries that it’s time to start preparing a follicle—a small fluid-filled sac in the ovary that contains an egg. During this time the endometrium becomes thicker as it prepares for a possible pregnancy.


The Goddess of this phase is Goddess Artemis!


After the introspection of Goddess Hecate and the transformation of  Goddess Gaia, Goddess Artemis comes to externalize all the work that has been done until now. Goddess Artemis finds ways and strategizes to express all that is hidden within her.

It is the phase that fulfills the Woman’s Mission on earth, fulfills her goals in the outer world and is not afraid to act.


Her favorite quote is: “I achieve the goals that are born from the Spirit and not from the Ego”


14th to 21st day

In this phase the peak in hormone levels causes the follicle to release a mature egg, a process known as ovulation. The egg travels along the fallopian tube. If a sperm cell, which is the male reproductive cell, fertilizes the egg, a baby will begin to develop.


The Goddess corresponding to this phase is Goddess Aphrodite!


After all this journey, Goddess Aphrodite comes to remind us that the female body is made to enjoy with the 6 senses what life offers her.


It is the celebration phase for the journey done until now. The phase that boosts the femininity, the beauty and the joy of embodiment!

Goddess Aphrodite’s favorite phrase is “Pleasure is the nectar of my soul! without it I am a woman who has not understood the meaning of life.”



In order to use these gifts and talents of your psychic world, you will need to heal and release all the beliefs, programs and traumas that have taken you away from your true feminine power.


Traumas and believes that come from your childhood, your family tree, society and the subconscious influence that religion has had on you.


In short, you will need to discover who the woman inside you really is and stop living according to all those dos and don’ts of your society, your family and your religion!

Hi beautiful,

My name is Agapi Apostolopoulou and I love leading people on a journey of discovering their Authentic Self.


I offer a variety of sessions and workshops in different parts of the world, combining the secrets of shamanism, the archetypes, art, tantra, dance and spirituality.


A big part of my work that I find fascinating is sharing my tantric teachings with women. I believe that women need to find their power again, not from a masculine-dominant point of view but from their re-connection to the Earth, to their sexuality and entering the field of Unconditional Love!

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