"Surrender to the nectar of sacred sex and let it be your path of awakening"

What is the difference between sacred sex and just sex?

Presence, the flow of energy and dance of polarities!

Would you like to learn how to grow in life through a sacred lovemaking?


Would you like to discover an immense energetic flow of sexual energy hidden inside you that is trapped and suppressed?


Are you ready to go beyond the taboos and puritanic beliefs that you have inherited from your family tree and embraced in your childhood?


Sex can be one of the most important paths of

What is the difference between sacred sex and just sex?
Presence, the flow of energy and dance of polarities!


Our body is the most important temple of each incarnation! We store everything in the body…suppressed emotions, beliefs, suppressed pleasure and more.

When moving on the spiritual path, it is always wise to begin with the body, for it is through the body that we first encounter the possibility of bliss and ecstasy.


But what sex has to do with our spiritual path?


The main “fuel” for our body is our sexual or vital energy! When this energy stagnates, then the quality of our life in all sectors falls!


When we do not feel the sacred flowing rivers of our vitality spreading inside our bodies, we start living a rigid, mind-oriented life with a powerful control system and attachment to suffering!


Of course, our sexual energy can be used in so many different ways…
We can create, destroy, expand, connect and a lot more!


We can use this energy to sing, dance, cook, make projects, heal ourselves and as a general and main tool in life!


A field where this energy finds its ultimate expression is in our sexual encounters! It is where we have the opportunity to drop the masks and allow our authentic selves to penetrate life through a journey of pleasure!


Sacred sex can be one of the most interesting and powerful fields of transformation, awakening, healing and divine expression!

In this workshop, we will get a glimpse of that!







Your teacher

Hi dear,

My name is Agapi Apostolopoulou and I love leading people on a journey of discovering their Authentic Self.

I offer a variety of sessions and workshops in different parts of the world, combining the secrets of shamanism, the archetypes, art, tantra, dance and spirituality.

A big part of my work that I find fascinating is sharing my tantric teachings with you.

Tantra is a wonderful self-development path that helps men and women return to the sacredness of the body and find the Divine deep inside of it!



Όταν οι γυναίκες ενδυναμώσουν τον εαυτό τους, επανασυνδεθούν με την γη και επιστρέψουν στη σύνδεσή τους με το Θείο μπορούν να συνεισφέρουν με επιτυχία στην διαμόρφωση ενός καλύτερου κόσμο!



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