The New Man

A journey for the man who has chosen to reconnect to Authentic Self and step out of the Matrix!

Today’s man is lost between two completely different worlds!


The Patriarchic Old World where the authoritarian power belongs exclusively to him!

A world where he has no right to express his feelings!


A world where he has to go to war and kill another man without listening to his heart’s voice! A world where he thinks he has the power, but actually, he is one more “slave” and pawn of the Matrix!


This man is a Normal man! A man who follows the “normas”, the rules of society, religion, family and politics. This man cannot create his life the way he wants because he is trapped in the mists of the Oblivion…!


On the other side, the New World that is now opening up before him is a world in which he can finally relax, accept his feelings and express them.


He can listen to his heart and have an opinion on whether a war is necessary or not.

This world allows him to replace Authority with Presence, Weakness with Vulnerability and Fanaticism with Consciousness.


This is a Natural man! A man that managed to erase all programs and conditions, he reconnected with the powerful energy of the universe and returned to his natural state of being the Son of the Earth!

This man does not believe that he is just a victim of external reality, but he consciously creates his reality!



“The New Man” is a series of 7 workshops that will guide you in this transition. Will take you on a journey of specific steps where you will slowly cross the “bridge” from your Old to your New Self:


1st Class
Cut cords with mother (Replace the “Oedipus complex” with pure unconditional love of Mother Earth)


2nd Class
Reconnecting to the inner child and recognizing the gifts and talents which will lead you to your mission in life


3rd Class
Erase the Matrix programs that want you to stay a “slave” to society


4th Class
Reconnect to the sun’s power, take it deep inside your solar plexus and start walking the path of the life you want for yourself.


5th Class
Let go of all past relationships on all levels (emotional, energetic, mental and physical)


6th Class
Strengthen your relationship with your inner woman so that you can attract this woman into your external reality


7th Class
Become the lover of the earth and celebrate your new self

The classes are coming soon! Here you can find a free taster of this project!

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Who am I

Hi handsome,

My name is Agapi Apostolopoulou and I love leading people on a journey of discovering their Authentic Self.


I offer a variety of sessions and workshops in different parts of the world, combining the secrets of shamanism, the archetypes, art, tantra, dance and spirituality.


A big part of my work that I find fascinating is sharing my tantric teachings with men. I believe that men need to find their power again, not from a male-dominant point of view but from their reconnection to the Earth, the Sun and their inner God!

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