The phases of a man's cycle

The phases of a man's cycle

A Healthy man is a gift to the planet! Healthy is the man who has healed the Four basic archetypes of his Soul: God Apollo, God Pan, God Hermes and God Hades.

When these archetypes are healthy in the man, he can use all his potential and live life on his terms!

Unfortunately, the way we grow up and the information we inherit from our family tree does not help us keep these archetypes at their best. Instead, we are full of traumas, programs and beliefs that distort these archetypes.

Fortunately, this is slowly starting to change today!

Today’s man is between two completely different worlds.

The old world where the authoritarian power belongs exclusively to him! A world where he has no right to express his feelings and where he takes full responsibility for his family’s financial support. A world where he has to go to war and kill another man without listening to his heart’s real call!

On the other side, the new world, that is now opening up before him, is a world in which he can finally relax, accept his feelings and express them. He can share financial support with the woman and have an opinion on whether a war is necessary or not.

This world allows him to replace Authority with Presence, Weakness with Vulnerability and Fanaticism with Consciousness.




The transition from one world to the other

Crossing from one world to another is like crossing a Bridge! This Bridge has various obstacles but also gifts. It has wild grasses with thorns, monsters of the past and many misty voices of the old world. Still, it also has beautiful roses, diamonds and a wind that pushes in the right direction.


The most important element that makes the trip on the Bridge possible is the presence of a bright Sun! A Sun that follows every step of the man and reminds him that he is not alone in this path.

The Sun is one of the most important planets that influence the function of men’s anatomy! Even though it is not the only planet that contributes to the masculine body’s energetic recharge (some other planets and stars are Sirius, the constellation of Orion, and more), it is one of the primary energy sources for the masculine body.

In the same way that the woman’s body is connected to the Moon, which influences her cycle, the male body follows the Sun’s cycles (the daily cycle and the annual cycle).


Going back to the archetypes, depending on the Sun’s phase, the man feels more comfortable being in one archetype or another!

But for the man to be in complete harmony with the Sun and make fair use of those archetypes, he must cross the Bridge that unites two completely different ways of life and Existence. He should change from a Normal man to a Natural one. 


A Normal man is a man who consciously and subconsciously follows rules that have been imposed on him at a young age, passed on to him through his genes and society.


Natural is the free man who follows his nature! There are no words to describe how a Natural man feels because it is an entirely different way of life from everything we know. But one thing I can say for sure is that he lives in an inner world that is authentic, true and in perfect harmony with the Spirit.

He is a man who treats the earth with absolute respect, recognizing that he is living on a living planet that gives him anything he asks for and even more. A man who does not try to subdue the woman but understands her and celebrates with her his difference. A man who does not aim to destroy the planet but create a better quality of life on it by leaving descendants who are even more conscious than him!


I love using the archetypes of the Greek Gods to describe some aspects of this man.

The Four main Archetypes are:


God Apollo: the man who makes decisions in connection with his Higher Self and not with his Ego, who follows the mission he has planned for him before his incarnation, who can create abundance doing the right thing at the right time, who has embraced the pride that comes out of his real Existence and has won the battle with the arrogance that comes out of his Ego…


God Pan: the man who enjoys all aspects of life, who flows whenever he needs to flow, who embraces his feelings, who can connect deeply to a woman as well as to the earth, the man who allows himself to enjoy without being lost in pleasure, a man who can meet his Inner God though making love, a man who sees his body as the holiest Temple in the world…


God Hades: the man who can create alchemy through the power of intention, the man who serves the Spirit by fulfilling His desires, who knows the power of transformation, who destroys the old and has the power and energy to give birth to the new, the man who creates realities through his high vibration and not through the desires of his Ego…


God Hermes: the man who dares to see inside, who can embrace and transform his darkness, who does not need to fight to conquer and spread, the man who does not use his sword to go to battle but to see in it the reflection of his greatness, the man who knows how to set limits.

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