The Sparkle of polarities

Dear lover,
You look at me with the eyes of a hunter penetrating me and making it clear that you want to devour every part of my body, mind and soul.

I can resist and close down, or I can open myself in complete trust and lose myself in the flames of your presence that are colored by so much love!

There is this special moment during lovemaking colored with a sparkle of extreme polarities where one partner enters in the extreme feminine and the other in the extreme masculine.


At this moment, the masculine embodies so much presence that it is able to support and hold anything that is happening in the feminine partner.


He “claims” his partner by diving deeply into the need for hunting and possession without falling into the traps of macho-patriarchal possessiveness!


How can this happen?


The masculine loves “hunting.” The feminine loves to be “hunted”.


When this dance occurs in the field of presence and love, it ends in a playful and sacred union where both partners finally lose their polarities and become one!


For this to happen, both partners must first transform all unhealthy connotations of the feminine and masculine into healthy forms.


Unfortunately, both feminine and masculine energies have been distorted by the patriarchal society’s influence and are expressed in unhealthy ways.

For example, there is this unhealthy feminine expression that is the need to be suppressed, which, when it transforms itself to its natural state of being, becomes the need to surrender and be one with the other!
There is also the unhealthy masculine expression that is the need to suppress and own, which, when it transforms itself to its natural state of being, becomes the need to hold space and be fully present for the other!


Entering the extreme polarities during lovemaking can raise the quality of our union, give a touch of spiciness to the relationship and contribute to our self-development process by influencing the electromagnetic expression of our chakra system!

P.S All these refer to both heterosexual and homosexual partners.

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