I love guiding you on your self development journey.

I am only giving the guidance; the merit belongs to you when you find the courage to accomplish it.


In my sessions, I accompany people on their journey of inner and outer transformation.

My Intuitive Readings can guide you in your life by finding solutions to the problems of all life-sectors: health, work, relationship, family, self-development and more. You only bring your questions and I channel for you the answers connected to your Higher Self!

Welcome to my website

My name is Agapi Apostolopoulou and I am here to guide you on your self-development path through my sessions and workshops!


If you feel ready, I look forward to meeting you and being there for you in your beautiful path of remembering who you are and consciously walking the path of life that you have created, for you, before even your incarnation!


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In most of our relationships, creating cords with our partners is natural.


Nevertheless is important to cut them after our break up or even during the relationship!

Keeping the cords between us can affect our health, abundance, emotionality, thoughts and more.


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