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My name is Agapi Apostolopoulou and I am here to guide you on your self-development path!

I am just giving you the guidance; the merit belongs to you when you find the courage to initiate this powerful path towards self-love and awakening!

What is a self-development process?

Each person is like a cinema! The projector is the Divine Self which never dies and the screen is the external reality! Unfortunately, we find many filters that distort the projector’s information between the projector and the screen. 

These filters can be our childhood traumas, subconscious programs, uploaded in us from the society and religion, whatever we have inherited from our family tree and more. 

In a few words, we are all celestial beings inside a physical body.

There is nothing that we do, say, think, or feel that is not coming from the Sacred Self and Truth. What makes us behave in a “wrong” way is not the Source of our behavior but whatever lies between our Sacredness and our personality. If we manage to “clean” that, we become our true Selves, all parts of the Divine!

 My work is to help you clean those filters with love, compassion, understanding and even pleasure!

I do that through my work of Tantra, Shamanism, Channeling and Dance!  

And here is a question for you…

If the projector is your divine self, the filters whatever you carry from your past and your screen the reality that all these projects outwards, what are you doing trying to change the screen?

You know that this is impossible… 

What are you doing trying to change your life from the outside without looking at the inside?

Are you ready to dive deep inside the projector and take responsibility for the fact that you are the only creator of your life and start creating it the way you want?

If you feel ready, I look forward to meeting you and being there for you in your beautiful path of remembering who you are and consciously walking the path of life that you have created, for you, before even your incarnation!

Who is Agapi Apostolopoulou

Agapi Apostolopoulou is an Intuitive Consultant, Tantric Teacher, Priestess, and Shaman. Her roots intertwine Greek, Ethiopian, and Cypriot heritage, heavily influenced by her mother’s Ethiopian shamanic ancestry.

Her journey commenced with a love for dance, a passion that guided her towards becoming a dance teacher. She studied different kinds of dance and specialized her skills in the vibrant world of flamenco in Spain, embarking on a colorful odyssey of self-discovery.

A seeker of spiritual knowledge, Agapi delved into various self-development avenues, including Akashic Records Readings, Family Constellations, Reiki, Past Life Regressions, and Tantra. Her innate gift for channeling gave birth to her distinctive offering: Intuitive Readings, seamlessly merging channeling with Akashic Records exploration.

“I discovered my gift for channeling during an Akashic Records workshop. At first, I practiced with friends just for the joy of it. Then, one day, a friend insisted on paying me for my sessions, recognizing the profound impact of them on her life. That was the day I embarked on my journey of intuitive readings.”

As a self-development guide and workshop facilitator, Agapi skillfully weaves together Shamanism, Art, Tantra, Dance, and Spirituality to guide individuals through transformative self-discovery. Her philosophy emphasizes maintaining a humble, ever-learning mindset and avoiding the pitfalls of developing a Spiritual Ego. Agapi approaches her work with boundless love and humility.

Today, Agapi Apostolopoulou’s journey has taken her across the globe, sharing her wisdom in Greece, Spain, Poland, Cyprus, Germany, Nepal, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Dubai, and beyond. She proudly stands as the founder of “Alithi Gi,” a school dedicated to guiding individuals through their self-development journey via Spirituality, Tantra, and Shamanism.

Her teachings are a beacon accessible to all, regardless of background or experience, fostering a safe and nurturing space for inner exploration and unleashing one’s true potential.

With each opportunity to share her skills, Agapi Apostolopoulou helps individuals reconnect with their authentic selves and discover the wellspring of unconditional love. Her mission is one of gratitude and love, a testament to her dedication to empowering others on their unique path of self-discovery and transformation.

I feel grateful whenever I can share my skills with others and help them reconnect with their Real Selves and find Unconditional Love!

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