Tantra for women

A journey towards your Heart

I don’t teach Tantra to your mind; I create a tantric journey for you, where the Spirit can flirt with the body, your consciousness with your emotions, your inner man with your inner woman and your presence with your love. It is a journey where you learn to embrace all parts of yourself.

You embrace pleasure and use it as one more tool for your transformation.

You embrace every single part of yourself, even the worst monsters of your Shadow, and you also embrace your Divinity!

It is a journey of self-development not happening somewhere inside your mind but deep inside your cells where the vibration of love always yearns to meet your presence and realize Its existence in the form of the matter!

The feminine body is designed in a way that, most of the time, seeks pleasure, relaxation, creativity and love.

Most women today develop a more masculine way of life which makes them live mainly in their heads, using a powerful control system and seeking pleasure in external activities and not in their senses.

Living in this state creates a disconnection between the body and the mind, eventually leading to stress, frustration, depression, lack of libido, health issues, and much more.

Tantra is a beautiful path that helps women balance their inner feminine and masculine side, return to their bodies and find the joy of embodiment, embracing beauty, sensuality, pleasure and ecstasy.
In my classes “Tantra for women” we dive deeply into the nectar of our femininity, liberating ourselves from taboos, programs, and beliefs of our family tree and childhood.

In a very safe and sacred space, we will return back home to our unique feminine bliss. We will embrace and celebrate our sexual energy and move into life more integrated, empowered and lovingly. We go into a journey of introspection and self-love using tantric meditations, belly dancing, massage, art therapy and more.

Normal women and Natural

There are normal women and natural women. Normal women are the ones who follow consciously and subconsciously the “normas,” meaning rules of society. Natural women are the ones who follow only their Nature.

But what exactly means being in a Normal or Natural state of being?

Thousand years ago, women lived completely free and strongly connected with the Divinity and the Earth.

They were responsible for maintaining life on this earth in harmony, balance and love. They used to talk with the wind, the earth, the fire and water using their majestic power of intuition.

Their body had more value than an altar or a church, and their soul could live in total connection to their Divine Self!

In that period, women knew how to give birth in the Nature, under the stars and the Moon, crying out not from pain but from orgasms and ecstasy!

These were Natural women!

When the Sacred Woman died, another woman was born whose only interest was to consciously or unconsciously satisfy society’s rules, the family and the religion.

Then a new type of woman appeared. A woman who was raising her children in a total disconnection with her intuition and who was following society’s rules blindly. A woman who was only interested in satisfying men’s needs while finding ways to take her revenge on them. 

This type of woman is a woman with immense strength, coming out of her sacred Nature, that she doesn’t know how to canalize it in a way that honors her inner Goddess. Instead of that, she uses her strength in a masculine way by becoming a being that she is not and has never been!

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