This program is much more than just a Tantra Teacher Training; it's a deep, transformative journey that will bring you closer to your true self, your talents, and your special gifts.

It took me quite a long time to formulate this training. I did not want to simply teach my students a technique and have them copy it to become teachers themselves. I aimed for something much more significant. My goal was to assist my students in developing their own way of teaching, each with their unique touch and contribution.

Many of you come from various self-development backgrounds. You have experienced a range of techniques and methods either as students or teachers. But if you are here reading this, it is because you have felt the urge to combine all of these into something of your own—a kind of “soup” that carries your name. This unique teaching perspective will originate from who you are, your cultural background, your knowledge, your past lives, and of course, your mission in this life.

I am not here to simply teach you how to become a teacher. I am creating the space for you to discover the potential of your creativity, the desire to support others, and the love that you hold inside you for your future students!

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Becoming a self-development teacher goes far beyond arranging exercises and instructing people to do them. 
Being a teacher starts by recognizing that you’re on a mission, serving your students rather than the other way around. 
And what truly makes you an effective self-development teacher is when you’re actively engaged in your own journey of uncovering, accepting, and healing your own hidden aspects. The more you work on yourself, the better equipped you are to hold a supportive space for your student. This is why you will experience this training both, as a student and as a future teacher!

How is the Training:

The course is divided into two main parts. The first part is online and open for both Men and Women and the second is in person only for Women.

In the first part, we delve into a  self-development journey centered around my teachings on how to guide people from *“Normal” to “Natural”  using Spirituality, Shamanism, and Tantra. 

Here, you’ll experience these methods both as a student and as someone preparing to become a **teacher

You will learn important tools of teaching such as: creating an energy field in your class, guiding people through meditative experiences, effectively structuring a class, integrating all aspects of oneself into techniques (the energetic, the emotional, the mental and physical), choosing the appropriate music for your exercises, and much more. It’s akin to the way someone starts with general training when aspiring to become a doctor. This training provides you with the foundational knowledge that can later lead to specialization in a specific method. Alternatively, you might already possess a method, and this training could be comprehensive enough for your needs.

The second part is a Tantra Teacher training for facilitating women’s tantra workshops. It consists of 2 retreats of around 10 days each. 

During this retreat, you will undergo specialized training to become a women’s facilitator in tantra. While the first part is open to both men and women and it is online, the second part is exclusively for women and in person. (Though this might change slightly based on the number of men who choose to participate.) If there’s significant interest from men, we’re open to adding a separate in-person retreat for both genders before the women’s facilitator training.


Online: 11th of January to 30th of April 

Women’s Tantra in person: 14th of June – 24th of June the first retreat and the second will be announced soon

To be eligible for enrollment, there are certain prerequisites that you should meet.

For the online component  you should:

  • possess a minimum of 1,5 years of experience in the realm of self-development
  • you should speak English
  • availability of free time for studying, and
  • access to a computer.

For the women’s training, the requirements include:

  • You need to have attained the online training
  • a minimum of 1,5 years of experience in self-development  
  • a genuine aspiration for profound inner transformation and self-love!

It’s important to note that participating in the training doesn’t automatically guarantee you the certificate. The certificate will be awarded only after I confirm that you are prepared for teaching.

Who is this for:

This training is designed with you in mind, especially if:

    • You are at a juncture in life where you are drawn to fuse your knowledge and craft your own unique method.
    • You are already engaged in teaching and wish to elevate your teaching prowess.
    • You desire to amplify your self-esteem and aptitude for guiding a class effectively.
    • Your affinity for women is strong, and you’re keen to aid their growth in both femininity and masculinity.
    • You are prepared to embark on a magical journey, unearthing hidden facets of yourself, including talents and gifts from past lives, and finding ways to integrate them into your present.
    • Your intuition is nudging you towards this training as the next step in your path of growth.

 What you will receive:

  • An immersive journey of self-transformation encompassing shamanism, tantra, and spirituality.
  • Clarity on how to effectively convey your knowledge.
  • Comprehensive guidance on structuring and creating a class.
  • Valuable insights into using music to enhance your exercises.
  • Hands-on experience in conducting online classes.
  • Techniques for establishing your unique brand and promoting it while preserving your authenticity.
  • And much more, ensuring a rich and multifaceted learning experience.

What is the cost:

  • 4 hours pre-recorded class
  • 70 hours online
  • 74 hours online
  • 600 euros (you can pay in 2 instalments)
  • 450 euros for the ones that have already attended The secrets of Magic 1 and 2 

The space is limited to 22 participants.

If interested, please fill out the form, and we will get in touch with you soon:


My entire life has revolved around teaching. I began teaching dance at the age of 18, and right from that first class, I sensed that this was my calling.

During my dance classes, a moment arrived when I realized that teaching dance alone wasn’t enough. I craved something deeper – the need to impart lessons about how the soul yearns to dance in life.

This realization led me into the realm of introspection and self-development. Progressively I mastered the art of guiding individuals to delve deeper into self-awareness and approach the realm of unconditional love.

Throughout these years of teaching, I occasionally stumbled into unhealthy teaching patterns, often tied to different facets of my ego. These experiences illuminated the kind of teacher I aspired to be – one who serves her students by crafting transformative spaces where people discover the strength to reconnect with their authenticity, truth, and love.


*What defines a natural and normal person?
A normal person, whether a man or woman, lives life unconsciously abiding by the societal, religious, familial, and political norms – these rules are everywhere. It’s as if these rules are applications running our lives, thinking and feeling for us, and even governing some bodily functions. We inherit them through genes, past lives’ blueprints, and childhood education. Religious and political beliefs, familial patterns, school indoctrination, and peer influence contribute to these “rules.”
Most “normal” people are disconnected from the earth, living under their mind’s control, trapped in a state of dictatorship where the mind rules over the body.

Contrastingly, a natural person is someone who breaks free from these rules, reconnecting with the earth.
A natural person embodies a profound connection with their body, leading to heightened awareness. Lives life in absolute freedom in total connection with the Planet and Divinity!

**I’d like to point out that at this stage, you won’t be able to become a teacher in spirituality, shamanism, or tantra. At least in my school, achieving that level of proficiency in such a short time isn’t possible. This program is centered around the foundations of a general self-development class. It equips you with two important aspects: the personal journey you require to cultivate your unique method, and the essential tools needed to teach any kind of self-development class.

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