Wise Woman

Who says that you cannot have your menstrual cycle back? At least in an energetic form?

The Wise Woman is a series of 6 sessions, for women who have entered in their menopause, where we initiate a magical journey towards our sacred feminine and our sacred masculine, the archetypes of our menstrual cycle, and the gift of the archetype of the Wise Woman.

Through specific meditations, we re-activate your menstrual cycle, for around three months and then I channel for you whatever happened in your childhood and family tree that “injured” or empowered each of your phases, as well as the homework you need to do to heal them!

In the end we end our journey by entering again to the state of menopause with the archetype of the “Wise Woman” using a beautiful right of passage ceremony!

Let’s take it from the beginning:

The Feminine body is blessed by a huge gift that only a few women are really aware of. The gift of The Menstrual Cycle!

During the cycle, a woman is four different women who change according to the phases of the cycle. In each phase, she has different ways of thinking, expressing emotions, and using her energy. All these phases are affected by the secretion of various hormones and the moon’s influence on her!

The phases bring out from the woman’s psyche different archetypes.

In order to describe those archetypes, I love using the Greek Goddesses:


But what happens for women who have entered their postmenopause and menopause?
If you have been living each and one of the phases with all its “glory,”
when menopause appears, you step into a Wiser state of being where all
phases become one!

But if you haven’t been living your life according to your phases but according to your masculine mind, when menopause comes, instead of stepping into the wise woman’s archetype, you step even more in your masculinity.

How to fix that:

You can “fix” that by re-activating your energetic menstrual cycle to experience the archetypes again, heal them and empower them. After that, when you feel ready, you can let them go and step in your Power of wisdom where all these archetypes become one!

I started working with Agapi in September 2019. I noticed the changes in my life from the second session of Intuitive readings. In May 2020 I started the journey of the Wise Woman and I must say that it has been exciting. It has helped me know myself better, become aware of my blocks, and be able to work on them. The changes have been on all levels, even physical. When I started the sessions, I had premenopause symptoms, with irregular menstruation. Now we have managed to regulate it and come with the full moon. It’s fantastic! Thank you so much for everything!
Patricia Maesa

What you will get from these sessions:

  • A better state of health
  • Flow of abundance
  • Clarity of mind, especially when you need to make decisions.
  • Increase of your libido
  • More vitality

and a lot more according to where you are in your self-development process and what you need to create a better quality of life!

Who is this for:

Women who are in their menopause or postmenopause and look forward to creating a better relationship with themselves and others
Women who are interested in entering theri mission (if they haven’t done it yet)
Women who are looking forward to giving that special sparkle to their sexuality and sensuality
Women who yearn to live their femininity at its maximum and enjoy life no matter the age are in

If you are interested in the journey you will need to gather information regarding your family tree, the way you were born and the 9 months inside your mother’s belly.

If interested in a session, please fill out the form, and we will get in touch with you soon:

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